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How To Find Salmon Fishing Guides In Scotland

Cut through the guesswork about how to effectively fish for salmon in Scotland by hiring a professional salmon guide. A professional guide will quickly teach you the required basic salmon fishing skills.

Learn Essential Salmon Fishing Skills > Learn Essential Salmon Fishing Skills >

How To Find Salmon Fishing Guides In Scotland

Why you should book a salmon fishing guide in scotland

If you're new to Scottish salmon fishing or in need of some tactical fine tuning book a professional salmon guide to make sure you're not only supplied with the correct levels of salmon fishing equipment but are also booked onto a good seasonally appropriate salmon fishing venue. Salmon fishing guides with years of professional riverbank experience are available on Scotland's major 4 salmon rivers, The Tay, Dee, Spey & Tweed.

What Salmon fishing skills will a guide teach you

The important salmon fishing skills that a professional guide will teach you are not only about how to Spey cast with a double handed salmon fly rod but as importantly how to space each swing of the fly correctly as you fish your way down through a salmon pool. You'll also be taught how to react effectively to the take from a salmon as this discipline is a polar oppostie to how other species of fish are hooked when they take a fly. Other important topics about salmon fly choice and the depth & speed of the fly will also be taught along with other tactical thoughts a salmon fisher needs to understand.

Will a salmon guide improve my chances of catching salmon

Picking up the necessary salmon fishing skills is important if you're new to Scottsh salmon fishing and all of these components are important for your overall enjoyment of the fishing day and for your chances of success. Far too many people experience Scottish salmon fishing for the first time via a permit and without a guide to teach them and or the proper equipment. This is false economy and more often than not quickly puts potential new salmon fishers out of the sport before they even get started. A professional guide will not only teach but will enthuse a new salmnon fisher in addition to significantly increasing their chances of catching salmon and staying in the sport. Make the most of your Scottish salmon fishing experience as the skills you'll pick up from a professional salmon guide will stand you in good stead for your salmon fishing future. Follow this link for full details of our 4 main Scottish river guided salmon fishing packages and how to book quality guided salmon fishing in Scotland.

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