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What Week Days Can You Salmon Fish In Scotland

Professional salmon fishing guide advice regarding what week days fishing is permitted for salmon in Scotland and other useful information.

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What Week Days Can You Salmon Fish In Scotland

Can I fish for salmon on sundays in scotland

Under old Scottish law it is forbidden to fish for salmon on Sundays in Scotland. All other week days are fine for salmon fishing subject to written permission (a permit) 'within' the often differeing salmon fishing river seasonal dates on Scotland's 400+ salmon rivers. Permit sales are supplied individually by each river section (beat) owner and vary in price based usually on the catch record and the beat service levels on offer.

Do I need a salmon fishing licence in scotland

There is currently no requirement for a fishing licence (in addition to the permit) on any Scottish riverbank that is located within the Scottish boundary border. If you're considering a salmon fishing trip on any of Scotland's famous big 4 salmon rivers follow this link for detailed information on how to book a Scottish salmon fishing guide on the rivers, Tay, Spey, Dee & Tweed. A salmon guide will supply all of the correct salmon fishing equipment in addition to the salmon fishing access permit to one of the above famous Scottish rivers.




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