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Don't waste your valuable fishing time going through the motions of a conventional salmon pool high water column approach when you know the bright light or warmer water temperature has pushed salmon to the bottom of the pool. This angler fished a very deep fly after 3 other fishers had been through the pool beforehand without success!
When the rivers are running low and clear and the sunshine is belting down it's still fairly easy to catch salmon as long as you have the knowledge and ability to swim your fly methodically right down into the deepest of pools as that's exactly where this fine River Tay Scottish hen salmon was located.
What a great view looking down the tail of the 'Cottar Pool' onto the 'Boil Pool' then in the far distance the 'Steps Pool'. Amazing professional career memories flood back when I look at this reoccurring River Tay dream scene!
I love bright light fishing days as they make your salmon fly sparkle and any salmon you catch too! Look at the illuminated detail a little bit of sunshine creates. This perfect salmon was caught on the River Tay near Dunkeld.
Here's a perfect upstream photograph of the River Tay taken from the Telford Bridge in Dunkeld. The salmon boat that you see in the shot was out fishing the Cathedral Steam Pool which is a great Tay pool for running salmon to hold in. You can see the walled riverbanks opposite the boat which are located directly in front of Dunkeld Cathedral.
Here's the perfect downstream view of the Oak Tree Pool which is located on the River Tay near Dunkeld. This area of the Tay Valley is highly scenic and especially during late Spring when this lovely shot was taken.
Look at this perfect shot taken at the March Pool of the River Tay's Kinnaird Beat during the most glorious late May day. Dream fishing condition like this always makes me reach for my camera to capture the moment as was the case here.

How To Fish For Salmon In Bright Light

Professional career based salmon fishing advice about how to fish for salmon on bright light days.

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How To Fish For Salmon In Bright Light

Where To LOcate salmon In Bright Light During The early spring Months

During bright light conditions in the early months of January, February & March when the river is still running cold from snow melt from the hills you should be targeting the top 3 feet of the water column and no deeper than that. Remember that the warmth of the sunlight on a salmon's dark back from a bright day during early Spring is the temperature trigger that gets salmon active and on the move. When cold water running fish stop and can be caught they'll also be positioned high up in the warmer river thermals and not down deep in the colder water (contrary to popular belief). On the hydro dam fish ladder on the River Tummel in Pitlochry I've seen the hard evidence of salmon holding high up in the early Spring cold water column during the early Spring months with the sun on their backs and then holding down deep near the bottom later on in the Spring in the warmer water conditions.

Where To LOcate Salmon in bright light During late spring and summer

Once April arrives and the rivers start to warm up a bit more that's the time to consider going deeper and more so when the warm water of Summer & early Autumn arrives which forces resident salmon down to the bottom of the pools where naturally the cooler water is to be found. The video of this salmon being played by one of our guided salmon fishing guests (during a very hot & bright September day) was shot when several anglers had gone through the pool beforehand with the conventional robotic high water column approach with no success. This fish was hooked on our first attempt at the pool by swimming and sinking the fly right down in amongst the resident salmon in 8 feet of water. When you've been in this business long enough you'll start to think like a salmon after you realise exactly how they behave throughout the varying water temperatures and river conditions. If you want to take more professional advice on how to advance your salmon fishing skills to a higher level then book a professional salmon guide in Scotland to assist you.


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