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How To Learn Good Salmon Fishing Riverbank Movement

It's very important when you're salmon fishing on a Scottish river to deploy effective riverbank movement spacings between each cast.

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How To Learn Good Salmon Fishing Riverbank Movement


why is it important to stay on the move when fishing a salmon pool

One of the most important salmon fishing skills that is not taught or even fully understood by the vast majority of salmon fishers (or guides) is 'effective riverbank movement'. Many anglers inch their way through a salmon pool wasting much valuable fishing time and technically training salmon to accept the presence of the fly in the stream. To make a salmon take you need to trigger its hunting instinct and that is logically best done by startling the fish via good riverbank cast spacings. 1 yard (3 feet) between each swing of the fly has worked very well for me, my guests and fellow salmon fishing guide tream members over the decades. Book a professional Scottish salmon fishing guide to learn this vital skill and many others for success in this sport.







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