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The Aberdeenshire River Dee is one of Scotland's salmon fly fishing gems as is the beauty of the Dee Valley and the exceptional Banchory Lodge Hotel which is positioned right beside the river. This fine photograph was taken in June slightly upstream from the Banchory Bridge on the Lower Blackhall salmon beat.
Here's the perfect Autumn riverbanks on the Banchory Beat's Jock Adams Pool in perfect Autumnal light conditions. The beautiful Banchory Lodge Hotel is only a few hundred yards downstream of where this fine River Dee photograph was taken from.
Look across the River Dee here on the Invery & Tilquhillie salmon fishing beat and what do you see? Exactly, and this lovely stretch of water is known as the 'Green Bank' Pool. This pool is located in Banchory and just across and downstream by half a mile from the perfect Banchory Lodge Hotel.
Here's a perfectly lit upstream shot looking into the productive 'Killing Hatch Pool' on the Invery & Tilquhillie salmon fishing beat near Banchory. Look at the lovely shimmer coming off the the top layer of water of the River Dee in this photograph.

How To Book River Dee Salmon Fishing

Straight forward factual information on the best way to book fishing on Scotland's famous River Dee for beginners or experienced salmon fishers.

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How To Book River Dee Salmon Fishing


Having been a Scottish salmon fisher since 1970 and having served as a professional career guide (ghillie) on 2 of the famous Scottish salmon beats I'm well qualified to give advice on the best way to book salmon fishing on this famous fly fishing river. If you're a beginner to this sport there is absolutely no benefit in buying fishing access on its own unless you know the salmon beat you wish to fish, have all of the correct equipment levels and astute tactical awareness. Salmon beat selection is also an important factor based on the month of the fishing season which can be confusing for a beginner to decide on. Book a River Dee salmon fishing guide who will take care of all of the above (if required). If you don't fit the above beginner or new to the River Dee status then email me directly on for a professional recommendation based on your availability & fishing requirements.

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