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Here's a perfect upstream photograph of the River Tay taken from the Telford Bridge in Dunkeld. The salmon boat that you see in the shot was out fishing the Cathedral Steam Pool which is a great Tay pool for running salmon to hold in. You can see the walled riverbanks opposite the boat which are located directly in front of Dunkeld Cathedral.
This was a shot of myself with a top UK surgeon who'd just taken up salmon fishing. This is the gravel riverbank at the neck of the Ash Tree Pool at Kinnaird near Dunkeld. Look at the amazing Perthshire hills in the back ground and the fast streamy River Tay salmon water behind us. This lovely shot was taken by top Scottish photographer Louise Bellin.
This is early May on the middle River Tay between Pitlochry & Dunkeld which is a renowned salmon fishing hot spot. Look at the perfect blue sky & water and the new leaves starting to appear on the riverside trees. This fine shot was taken from the right hand bank of the March Pool which is a particularly good salmon pool during Springtime.
Here's young Robbie Fairfull (12) with his first of 2 perfect 20lbs River Tay Spring salmon which he caught on the Kinnaird Beat in rapid succession of one another on the last day of March.
Look at the beautiful Birnam Hill across the river and the amazing water edge oak trees that shroud the riverbank. This is River Tay salmon fly fishing at its finest. The angler in this photograph is fishing the productive 'Trap Pool' and just approaching the hot spot slightly downstream of his current position.
Here's the Head Ghillie on the Kinnaird Beat bringing our guided fishing guests back up to the fishing hut at 5pm after a full day out on the Tay. Look at the amazing Springtime riverbank scenery in this perfect shot.
In the tail of this pool about 25 yards out from these protruding riverside stones there's an excellent salmon lie where running fish like to briefly pause. A long line fished while wading from an upstream position is how to best cover this salmon lie in order to narrow the cast angle to slow the pace of the fly over this hot spot.
Here's guided fishing guest Tom Wellman with a perfect Summer salmon that was awaiting his fly high up at the neck of the Mike's Run Pool of the River Tummel near Ballinluig. This salmon fought tremendously in this fast water pool before we could get the situation under control via the landing net.
This is the upstream view of the perfect Guay Pool neck from the left bank. This fast streamy water holds many salmon through the lower water months. Even though this side of the river isn't as easy to fish as the opposite tapered gravel riverbank this is by far the more productive side of the pool for those with the ability to Spey cast.

How To Book River Tay Salmon Fishing

Straight forward factual information on the best way to book fishing on Scotland's famous River Tay for beginners or experienced salmon fishers.

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How To Book River Tay Salmon Fishing

Where to book river tay salmon fishing

Having been a River Tay salmon fisher since 1970 and also having served as a professional career guide (ghillie) on 2 of the famous middle Tay salmon beats I'm fairly well qualified to assess the best way to book salmon fishing on this fantastic Scottish salmon river. If you're a beginner to this sport there is absolutely no benefit in buying fishing access on its own unless you know the salmon beat you wish to fish and have all of the correct equipment levels with a reasonable awareness of tactical salmon fishing skills.

Where To Fish on the River Tay

Salmon beat selection is also an important factor based on the month of the fishing season which can be confusing for a beginner to decide on. Booking a River Tay salmon fishing guide will take care of all of the above if you're new to the sport. If you are an experienced salmon fisher and are familiar with River Tay salmon fishing tactics then email me directly on for my professional recommendation based on your salmon fishing trip timing availability and your fishing guest number requirements.

Why Salmon Fisher Qualification Is Important

There are different ways to approach and book salmon fishing for experienced and brand new salmon fishers. Permit fishing access on its own is the most dominant way that salmon fishing is sold on the River Tay however this approach in my opinion has cost the industry thousands of potential 'life long' fishers over the decades as a new salmon fisher (with or without the correct salmon fishing equipment levels) is not going to quickly self grasp the skill sets required for success in this sport nor do most salmon beat ghillies usually have the time to teach when other salmon fishing guests and riverbank duties are in need of attention.

Why The River Tay Is The Most Reliable River

THe River Tay is over 100 miles in length and its catchment drains a colossal1500 square mile area of central & highland Scotland. Much of the Tay's headwaters is in the formation of vast fresh water lochs which maintain steady water levels in the river even through polonged periods of low rainfall. These headwater lochs also act as settling tanks to keep sedimentation levels at a minimum which is important for counteracting the negative fishing affects of water discolration during heavy rainfall periods. Due to the Tay being Scotland's largest & deepest river it also is usually always possible to find quality fishing access unlike many of the much smaller Scottish salmon rivers.

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