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Here's a lovely upstream shot of the town of Dunkeld which is positioned on the banks of the River Tay in Perthshire. The white building to the left is the lovely Atholl Arms Hotel where many of our River Tay salmon fishers like to stay.
Here's the front elevation of the beautiful Dunkeld House Hotel which is positioned on the riverbanks of the River Tay in Perthshire. Look at the perfectly cut lawns and trees which are indicative of high operating standards in this lovely Dunkeld area hotel.
This is the downstairs foyer at the beautiful Dunkeld House Hotel at Dunkeld in Perthshire. This lovely hotel is situated right beside the River Tay and is a popular hotel with many of our returning River Tay salmon fishers.
There's quite a few beautiful local hotels to choose from in the various salmon river valleys of Scotland. This fine shot was taken at the Kinloch House Hotel at Forneth which is between Blairgowrie and Dunkeld.
This is the main bar at the lovely Dunkeld House Hotel In Dunkeld. This former Duke of Atholl shooting lodge (now hotel) is perfectly positioned beside the river and is very popular with our River Tay fishing guests.
Here's a nice shot of the beautiful furniture in the downstairs meeting room in the Dunkeld House Hotel In Perthshire. This Dunkeld riverside hotel has been the base for hundreds of our fishing guests over the last few years

Where To Stay When Salmon Fishing In Scotland

On the many salmon river valleys of Scotland there are great hotel accommodation options for visiting salmon fishers.

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Where To Stay When Salmon Fishing In Scotland

Are their good hotels on the scottish salmon rivers

Each one of our major Scotish salmon river valleys have very good local hotel options for our visiting salmon fishers. When the vast majority of our fishing guests book their salmon fishing their second question is always where can you recommend that we stay? 

What towns in scotland have good accommodation for salmon fishers

In the River Tay Valley we recommend accommodation in the nearby towns of Pitlochry & Dunkeld. In the River Dee Valley we recommend Banchory as our guest's fishing base and up on the River Spey either Grantown or Fochabers are our recommended towns for accommodation. In the River Tweed Valley the town of Melrose & St Boswells is close to most of the Tweed salmon beats we access for fishing guests. All of these above towns have good hotel and B&B options for visiting salmon fishers and their families too.

Which hotels are best on the scottish salmon rivers

Having frequented the Tay, Dee, Spey & Tweed valleys for many decades and having listened to the feedback from thousands of our fishing guests I've referred hotels to it becomes easy to make recommendations for accommodation queries. When you book a salmon fishing guide in Scotland on one of our famous salmon rivers we will supply you with links to what I regard to be the best local hotel accommodation options in each river valley.

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