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This is the perfect Gauge Tree salmon pool on the Dunkeld House Beat of the River Tay. This is a great salmon lie as running fish nose in here for a breather after pushing up through the fast water under the Dunkeld Telford Bridge in the distance.
Here's a perfect upstream photograph of the River Tay taken from the Telford Bridge in Dunkeld. The salmon boat that you see in the shot was out fishing the Cathedral Steam Pool which is a great Tay pool for running salmon to hold in. You can see the walled riverbanks opposite the boat which are located directly in front of Dunkeld Cathedral.
This is early May on the middle River Tay between Pitlochry & Dunkeld which is a renowned salmon fishing hot spot. Look at the perfect blue sky & water and the new leaves starting to appear on the riverside trees. This fine shot was taken from the right hand bank of the March Pool which is a particularly good salmon pool during Springtime.
Here's an educated salmon angler displaying perfect 'no disturbance' wading technique while fishing down the right hand bank of the March Pool on Kinnaird. This type of approach will massively assist you chances of hooking salmon and especially close lying fish.
Here's 2 River Tay salmon fishers spin fishing their lures across the Rock Pool on the Kinnaird Beat which is a very good pool for this Tay salmon fishing tactic. This is a deep salmon holding pool and you can see the way the deep water commences at the edge of the underwater sand bar.
This visiting American salmon fisher had only just been taught how to Spey cast when this perfect Spring salmon took his fly. This fish was hooked in 'The Cradle' Pool on the River Tay's prolific Cargill Beat near Stanley.

How To Book Fishing In Scotland

An insight into what species of fish Scotland has in its many rivers, lochs and coastal areas and how to arrange fishing on one of the 4 major Scottish salmon rivers.

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How To Book Fishing In Scotland

What is the best way to book Scottish salmon fishing

In Scotland there are many different fishing pursuits available on the rivers, lochs and in the sea. The river fishing tends to be focussed on pursuing brown trout, seatrout & salmon and on the Scottish lochs the target species are mainly stocked rainbow trout or wild brown trout or the varous course fish like pike, perch & roach. The coastal waters of Scotland provide shore or boat fishing for mainly mackerel, cod, pollock, bass & coalfish. Scotland is however famous for its salmon river fishing and most fishers who come to Scotland are in pursuit of what is regarded globally as 'The King Of Fish'. We provide a fully comprehensive salmon fishing experience where everything is provided for our guests.


Our renowned guided salmon fishing service takes all of the confusion & guesswork out of how to book a Scottish salmon fishing experience. We take care of all of the fishing kit requirements (incl. chest waders, life jackets & waterproof jackets), seasonally appropriate salmon river fishing access, a personal guide who will teach & tactically fine tune you (& your colleagues on multiple rod bookings). All you need to bring is warm clothing, sunglasses, thick socks, a sun cap & a packed lunch as everything else will be provided by ourselves. All of our professional guide team are highly experienced in client hosting, teaching the various and often unspoken Scottish salmon fishing skills and making sure our guests are all fishing on the optimal salmon pool areas to give all of our fishing guests the best chance of success. Follow this link for detailed information on how to book salmon fishing in Scotland.

Why Is Salmon Fishing Highly Regarded In Scotland

A wild Atlantic salmon capture on one of the major Scottish salmon rivers is a fantastic experience and achievement. When you go to target an often elusive fish like a salmon there are no guarantees of success unlike the pursuit of many other fish species. It take patience, skill and a firm tactical understanding to outsmart a wild Atlantic salmon therefore when success is achieved the satisfaction levels are much higher than with any other easier caught species. The fighting qualities of a wild Atlantic salmon in a fast flowing river current are a memorable experience too and far outweighs the fight from any other species found in Scottish waters.


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