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How To Approach A Salmon River

How to understand the best mental and physical approach to a Scottish salmon river which should be part of your advanced salmon fishing strategy.

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How To Approach A Salmon River

why You Should Always approach a salmon Pool cautiously

Learning how to approach a salmon pool plays a big part in success as far too many salmon fishers make the big mistake of charging straight into the pool too deeply with their chest waders on without realising the damage they're doing to their chances of success. Scottish salmon fishing requires a stealth orientated approach, patience, good quality water coverage consistency along with some reasonably well understood tactical salmon fishing techniques.

What is the best mental approach For salmon fishing 

The best mental approach to Scottish salmon fishing is to switch off the salmon catch urgency thoughts in your head and relax, breathe the fresh Scottish air and take in the perfect riverbank scenery. Settle yourself into an advanced state of riverbank relaxation and enjoy your water coverage skills as you're working your way down through the various salmon pools you've been allocated to fish. Make sure you have the correct 1 yard fly swing spacings with sub surface thoughts of how your fly is performing in accordance to your perception of the appropriate depth & speed for the prevailing water & temperature conditions.

When do salmon often take a fly

Over the decades of being involved in this glorious pursuit I've noticed an uncanny similarity during the moment a salmon takes and this is usually always when you're in this relaxed state of mind and fishing in autopilot. Dropping all salmon catch urgency thoughts and blending that thought energy with the tranquil surroundings of the river environment are important skills to master too for complete salmon fishing approach excellence. To learn & better understand all of the finer rarely taught components for successful Scottish salmon fishing book a professional salmon fishing guide and tune into these important salmon fishing skills.

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