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Here's a lovely upstream shot of the Cottar Pool on the Tay's Newtyle Beat on a bright sunlit early Spring day. This is perfect fishing conditions for connecting with a prized early Spring run salmon in Scotland.

Booking Terms and Conditions

By using this website you agree to be legally bound by these Terms & Conditions, which shall take effect from your first use of this website. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all these following terms please do not access and/or use this website and do not tick the T&C's box at checkout (if booking guided salmon fishing through our linked online shop).

All guided salmon fishing days are not confirmed until your official detailed 'booking confirmation' email has been received from ourselves. This detailed booking confirmation email will include the professional salmon guide details, the salmon fishing venue details & precise travel directions.

Salmon Fish Scotland (DUNS 22-903-8584) who’s correspondence address is; c/o G. Barclay CA, Barclay & Co, Barclay House, Mill Road Industrial Estate, Linlithgow EH49 7SF or any person assisting it shall not be liable for the consequences of delays or restrictions from adverse weather, obstructions, repairs or damage to navigational works, flooding, shortage of water, river closures, transportation restrictions, pandemics, epidemics, industrial action, war, terrorism, environmental lockdowns, fuel-rationing, shortages of or non-availability of fuel or any other cause and reserve the right to restrict the activity if unusual or hazardous conditions prevail. Neither Salmon Fish Scotland nor any person or company assisting or collaborating with it shall be liable for death, personal injury or illness. However nothing in this agreement is meant to exclude liability for death or personal injury due to negligence on the part of Salmon Fish Scotland.

All guided salmon fishing days require payment in full to secure which is a Scottish salmon fishing industry standard.

In the event of a client cancellation; If a booking can be re-let at full value a full refund will be made less any credit card processing fees incurred (when applicable). It is sometimes possible to re-let salmon fishing at short notice at a reduced rate, in such cases the shortfall will be deducted and the balance returned. We recommend that clients insure against cancellation as if your salmon fishing is not re-let all payments will be forfeited.

Fully operational annually pre-tested life jackets must be worn at all times while near all rivers, lakes and lochs. We will provide manually activated life jackets for every fishing guest as part of our guided salmon fishing service.

Suitable eye safety protection must be worn at all times while on the river (whether fishing or not) or when near other fishers.

All sportsmen must have third party insurance against sporting accidents.

All instructions and decisions given by stalkers, keepers and ghillies will be final and must be followed. Failure to comply with such instructions or decisions may result in the cancellation of the rest of the tenancy. In the event of cancellation under the terms of this clause, there will be no right to a refund or compensation.

We reserves the right to cancel any booking and fully refund the client or offer alternative salmon fishing on any fishing dates that have been booked without liability for compensation.

On guided salmon fishing bookings we reserve the right to move the pre-confirmed salmon fishing venue at short notice if a fishing advantage is deemed likely by ourselves due to anticipated adverse water or weather conditions (or any other professional salmon beat operational causes for concern) at no additional cost to guided salmon fishing guests (subject to availability). We also reserve the right to change your booking confirmation's pre specified professional salmon fishing guide host(s) for any reasons we deem appropriate or if the guide later becomes unavailable for any unforeseen reason.

All salmon fishing in Scotland is governed by individual river management regulations which are reviewed annually by each individual Scottish salmon river fishery board. These river management & stock conservation policies are to ensure that good salmon numbers remain in the Scottish rivers which are important for the Scottish economy & good ongoing salmon fishing sport and must be adhered to at all times by all visiting fishing guests. Up to date river fishing regulations are available in all of the individual Scottish river salmon fishing huts or by request to the Head Ghillie or professional guide on duty each day. 

All fishing clients are requested to contact the salmon beat head ghillie (or professional guide) 48 hours before fishing to confirm participation.

All fishing clients are advised to arrive at the fishing hut at 8.30am each day. In the event of a later arrival the salmon beat head ghillie (or professional guide) should in all cases be notified by telephone in advance.

Added 27.4.20; For all Covid 19 affected 1 to 6 guest guided salmon fishing bookings; All scheduled bookings that have to be cancelled (minimum 48 hours notice required before scheduled fishing day) for any Covid 19 'related' reason will be able to retain full booking value and reschedule a future fishing date(s) with no financial penalty for up to 1 year after the original booked fishing date.

Risk Assessment For Rivers;

Safety guidance will be explained prior to the commencement of fishing which encompasses all generic risks for experienced anglers & beginners. It is very important to listen to the information the ghillie or guide gives you and not just on the safety aspects but on the correct casting style to suit the prevailing weather & wind conditions. 

Paths; All experienced anglers and guests please note that some paths will be damaged by storms especially after Winter floods and you should take care when walking along them. Bank side paths can sometimes have undercut rabbit holes and other trip hazards so constant visual ongoing observation is required. Look where you are walking and take care and warn others of any issues. Report any dangerous trip points or holes in the pathways to your ghillie or guide.

Riverside Fishing Positions & Wading; All rivers no matter how big or small pose the most risk to the angler. Floods can alter what was previously regarded as a safe pool into one that has become more hazardous.

Drowning Or Serious Injury; All experienced anglers and beginners are required to wear a life jacket at all times while on or near the river. If the river is coloured due to flood conditions then extreme caution should be carried out and wading to be conducted no deeper than where you can see the riverbed. As a general rule, if the bank side is very boulder strewn then it's likely the river bed you may be wading on will be similar.

Overhead Power Lines; All experienced anglers and guests should be aware of any power lines and avoid fishing near by a minimum of 50 metres. Carbon fibre rods are excellent energy conductors which can result in an electric shock and possible death. Be aware of your surroundings and of any overhead power lines and associated hazards. When walking under power lines carry fishing rods low to the ground and only in a horizontal position.

Adverse Weather for all experienced anglers and beginners; Strong winds and thunder and lightening create the possibility of injury from wayward casting via the hooks from lures and flies or possible lightening strikes. The ability to spin fish in high winds (on rivers that permit spinning) is safer instead of fly casting. Seek out more sheltered areas of the river to fish where possible. In the event of thunder and lightening do not shelter under trees. Modern rods of glass or carbon fibre are a good conductor and must be placed on the ground away from you until the storm passes. When fly casting (for experienced anglers & beginners) the ghillie or guide will show & demonstrate the correct safe casting style to suite the prevailing wind conditions. Each fisher casting position must be separated by a minimum of 30 metres at all times. Sunglasses or suitable eye protection and suitable outdoor clothing must be worn at all times throughout the full fishing day by all fishing guests to avoid the possibility of hooking ones body, face or eyes. All anglers should be aware of the movement of other fishers, guests, ghillies or guides before casting. 

Falling into the river; Firstly don’t panic and if swept away ensure you float downstream feet first ensuring your life-preserver is inflated (either manually via the pull cord or automatically). All experienced anglers & beginners must ensure you wear and understand the type of life preserver you are wearing (i.e manual or automatic). Never wear your life preserver under a jacket. It must be worn outside of any jacket or waistcoat at all times. Failure to do so could render yourself unable to breath in the event the life preserver is activated when in or out of the water. Fully serviced life preservers will be issued for mandatory use by all Salmon Fish Scotland clients & guests.