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Here's 2 River Tay salmon fishers spin fishing their lures across the Rock Pool on the Kinnaird Beat which is a very good pool for this Tay salmon fishing tactic. This is a deep salmon holding pool and you can see the way the deep water commences at the edge of the underwater sand bar.
As a professional salmon fishing guide I can assure you there's just as much tactical salmon pool water coverage planning involved in spin fishing as there is with fly fishing. This River Tay spin fisher in the shot was powering out a lure as this picture was taken at Dunkeld in Perthshire.
Here's Johnny Monteith with a fresh run 10lbs Spring salmon caught during April at the little burn at the Green Bank Pool on the Upper Kinnaird salmon fishing beat near Dunkeld.
Look at this little silver Van Staal V-100 spin fishing reel. This reel is a work of art and is virtually indestructible due to its clever design and robust construction. This is my own personal spinning reel that I've had the pleasure of landing many salmon on over the last few decades.
Here's a fantastic display of River Tay spin fishing weaponry! Here's what you are seeing in this photograph; 28g ABU Toby, 30g ABU 'Salmo' Toby, Vision Oneten and the Rapala Scatter rap. All of these (and in these exact colours) are consistently solid lures for catching River Tay salmon on.
This perfect May salmon was hooked at the Daffodil Lie on the Upper Kinnaird Beat fishing hut and was hooked on this little 15g copper & red tailed toby imitation lure. It only took a few casts at 5pm to hook this fish much to the amusement of my fellow River Tay salmon guides!
I cannot over state the salmon attracting qualities of this particular Vision Oneten salmon lure in the Viper Tiger red paint job. This is the absolute best casting or trolling lure from late August to mid October on the River Tay. If you're serious about catching Tay Autumn salmon you must have one of these in your tackle box.
This black, red & gold Toby 'Salmo' lure has copper on the other side and is a superb salmon attractor through the Summer & Autumn months. I've personally caught many salmon on this 'Salmo' lure colour whether its been spun from the riverbank or trolled from the traditional Tay salmon boat.
Over the decades I've narrowed my lure selection right down and the ABU Toby 'Salmo' is one of my trusted lures that always grinds out results even when the going is tough. I'd strongly recommend the inclusion of the silver & copper version of the 'Salmo' in every salmon fisher's lure box.

How To Spin Fish For Salmon In Scotland

On some of the big Scottish salmon rivers it is possible to spin fish under certain water conditions. The River Tay allows spin fishing at all times.

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How To Spin Fish For Salmon In Scotland

What is the best way to spin fish for salmon

Most spinning rods that are used on the bigger River Tay are 10ft in length (give or take a foot). This is your very measure to make life easy for you and moving one rod length with every cast throughout the entire course of the fishing day will allow you to effectively cover a vast amount of water. It is this precise water coverage that will sooner or later on the 'law of averages' position your spinning lure in front of a 'taking' salmon. Many anglers incorrectly think that spinning doesn't require tact & skill with a carefully thought out battle plan but I can assure any fisher that thinks like this is totally wrong if consistently catching salmon with a spinning rod is the real objective. Successful spin fishing for salmon takes skill, perseverance & a solid tactical understanding and make no mistake about that fact. Book a professional River Tay salmon guide who will give you a firm riverbank grasp of exactly how to spin fish for salmon.

What Are The Other Important salmon spin Fishing Skills

A very important aspect to understand when spin fishing for salmon is to know how to set your spinning reel clutch properly. When a salmon attacks a spinning lure it will not hold onto the lure the same way it will do with a lighter and softer salmon fly so an early effective hook set is vital or it will be a quick 'good bye' from the fish. Your spinning reel clutch needs to be set fairly firmly where 'only' a strong pull can remove line from the spool. This tightish initial clutch setting is vitally important for an early effective hook set. Once you know the hook has been set properly via good early pressure when the salmon takes your lure you can then loosen off the clutch a little bit to play the fish. Applying sufficient early hook point pressure via an initial tight clutch setting and bending right into the fish to set the hook is normally always easily achieved within 10 seconds of initial contact before then loosening off the clutch setting before the fireworks begin!


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