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This is the Glide Pool on the Dalmarnock Beat of the River Tay. This salmon fisher is out concentrating his fishing effort on the deep run that's located between his position and the riverbank opposite him. The area where the tree is located is an excellent area for hooking salmon.
You can clearly see the sub surface riverbed stones commotion in the foreground. The broken water 20 yards behind the commotion is a great salmon lie as these stones break the flow. You can see the dark glassy patches marking the salmon lie. This is the March Pool near Dunkeld on the River Tay.
This is a great part of the huge Cottar Pool on the Newtyle Beat which can easily be fished from the grass rather than having to get into the river. Salmon sneak right up along this green grassy bank at the tail of this salmon pool (shown here) and are often hooked a yard or so from the grass.
This River Tay Spring salmon is temporarily parked in a McLean salmon landing net which had the then upgraded rubberised fine mesh landing net bag which minimises damage to the mucous membrane and scales of the fish.
Look at the beautiful Birnam Hill across the river and the amazing water edge oak trees that shroud the riverbank. This is River Tay salmon fly fishing at its finest. The angler in this photograph is fishing the productive 'Trap Pool' and just approaching the hot spot slightly downstream of his current position.
This super powerful July Summer salmon from the River Tay took my fly at dusk then about turned and charged downstream. It stripped my fly reel backing pretty quickly and started actually pulling me along the riverbank like a big dog on a lead. I was falling about as it did so as the fading light made it very difficult to see where I was running! Eventually I caught up with the fish and landed it in the darkness. The light you see here was from the flash on my camera! What a great memory and had it broken me I'd have sworn it was a 40 pounder!

Where To Hook Salmon On A Scottish River

Professional career based salmon fishing advice on where the main likely salmon hooking areas are to be found on Scottish rivers.

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Where To Hook Salmon On A Scottish River

Where Are Salmon Mostly found in a river

The salmon rivers of Scotland are fascinating from many different viewpoints and knowing or expecting where salmon can be found has always been a personal obsession with me. I could write a book on this 'where to hook salmon' topic but I'll start with detailing one almost certain salmon holding area especially in medium to high water when salmon are or have been on the move.

Do Salmon Stop in the tail of a pool

The tail of a pool where there's fast steamy water immediately below has always been an area I'll pay close attention to. Running salmon that have powered up through fast water will always usuallly stop when they reach the calm tail of the pool above. A running salmon is usually always a taking fish too as they're already in a state of alert excitement. When you hook a salmon at the tail of the pool (if it's a new arrival) often it will about turn back down through the fast water below so always work out in advance how you plan to follow a fish if that happens to you.

Do Salmon Hold In The Neck Of A Pool

The fast flowing neck of a salmon pool is a low water / warm weather area to pay close attention to. If there are any riverbed features that create a break in the current where deep lying salmon can tuck into then they will. The reason salmon will hold in such areas is because during warm water periods there's less oxygenated water so the faster flows compensate for this as a fish can process more water through its gills in the faster streams as long as it can find a holding position that gives it a break from the fast current.

How to Learn Salmon Fishing watercraft

Learning true rivercraft water reading skills takes years of riverbank experience and cannot be taught effectively from reading books. Once you master this skill you'll be able to go to any salmon river in any water condition and know exactly where salmon are likely to be holding. If you book a professional salmon fishing guide you'll be shown all of these likely salmon holding areas so on future fishing trips you'll know where you should be focussing your fly swim time for the best chance of success.

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