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This beautiful big River Tay Spring salmon was caught by yours truly at the right hand bank of the Kinnaird Rock Pool near Dunkeld during the month of May. The absolute dominating power of this Spring fresh run cock salmon had to be experienced to be truly realised. My McLean salmon landing net looks like a McLean trout net behind the fish!
Here's another fine Spring salmon capture shot from the River Tay opposite the mouth of the River Tummel. A floating Spey line with a 15ft Type 3 sinking tip was the order of the day for this perfect Spring salmon.
Atlantic salmon don't come in any better condition than what you can clearly see here. This is a River Tummel destined Spring salmon which was caught on the fly on the River Tay during the last few days of May.
This super powerful July Summer salmon from the River Tay took my fly at dusk then about turned and charged downstream. It stripped my fly reel backing pretty quickly and started actually pulling me along the riverbank like a big dog on a lead. I was falling about as it did so as the fading light made it very difficult to see where I was running! Eventually I caught up with the fish and landed it in the darkness. The light you see here was from the flash on my camera! What a great memory and had it broken me I'd have sworn it was a 40 pounder!
Here's a fresh run River Tay Summer salmon that fell to a carefully presented salmon fly at Kinnaird near Dunkeld. Look at the fish friendly landing net mesh which is great for eliminating any damage to the fish while unhooking prior to release.
This perfect Spring salmon showed up for an interview during March on the River Tay near Dunkeld. These are amazing creatures which always give a great account of themselves even after swimming all the way home from Greenland.

When Is The Best Time To Fish For Salmon In Scotland

Knowing how to optimally time your salmon fishing trip to Scotland is a key factor for success and there are a few different components to consider.

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When Is The Best Time To Fish For Salmon In Scotland

Can you catch salmon at anytime of the fishing season in scotland

The best time to fish for salmon in Scotland is when there's a taking fish in front of you and that can happen at anytime throughout the long Scottish salmon fishing season which typically runs from February through to October. With that said my honest opinion on this often asked question is firstly to consider the Spring months as the calibre of a fresh run salmon during Spring is second to none as are its fighting qualities in the cold well oxygenated Spring river water. These are special creatures without a doubt and it's a natural honour to have an encounter with one.

What are the best months to fish for salmon in Scotland

During late March, April, May & early June the Scottish riverbanks come back to life after the bleak Winter and the early Spring months so it's also a very beautiful time of year to be out on the river. In addition to this there's a head of multi sea winter  heavyweight Spring fish that traditionally enter the River Tay between late February and early April and to stop one of these will undoubtedly create that 'fish of a lifetime' experience. Most of the bigger Scottish rivers also have a Summer and Autumn run of salmon which can produce great sport too however for me as a professional salmon guide nothing beats catching a salmon during late March, April, May or early June. Book a salmon guide in Scotland on one of our major salmon rivers during the Spring and see for yourself what I'm referring to here.

The Beauty Of A Spring Salmon

There's really no run of fish that tops the sheer physical beauty of a Spring run Atlantic salmon as illustrated in these accompanying photographs. In addition to this fact on the River Tay there is a tributory river callled the River Tummel which has a renowned run of powerful Spring salmon that are short and deep-set in proportions. These perfect River Tummel bound Springers can be caught in and around the Tummel/ Tay confluence during April, May & early June and always add an extra dimension of excitement when you realise you've hooked one! The entire middle Tay Valley area encapsulating the main stem of the Tay 5 miles upsteam & downstream of the Tummel/Tay confluence is indeed an asture tactical planning area to be swimming a fly during Springtime.

Spring Salmon Fishing Water Conditions

During the above mentioned Spring months (and especially the earlier months) the larger Scottish rivers like the Tay usually always have good steady favourable water conditions. This is primarily due to the Scottish mountains releasing a steady run-off from snow melt as the air temperatures start to warm through the Spring and into early Summer. Occassionally the Scottish rivers will run lower than normal through the Spring and this can be caused due to extremely cold air conditions which freezes mountain snow melt run off or via a poorer than normal mountain Winter snow cap formation (unlikely). Regardless of the water conditions Spring salmon will be present and personally all Spring water conditions excite me as it's just the most perfect time of year to fish for salmon in Scotland. 

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