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This historic bridge spans the River Tay at Dunkeld and was built over 200 Years ago. I often wonder how many salmon have swum under its arches during the same time frame.
Here's one of our salmon guides keeping a close eye on his fishing guest at the mouth of the River Tummel where it enters the River Tay near Dunkeld. This is a renowned salmon fishing 'hot spot' during the Spring months and this photograph was taken in May.
Here's Jock Monteith out showing a group of visiting Canadian salmon fishers how we tie on a salmon fly in Scotland. This shot was taken on the left hand bank of the Gean Tree Pool of the River Tay near the village of Murthly.
This River Tay Spring salmon beauty was captured near Pitlochry using the kit you see here which is a Bruce & Walker 16ft Spey rod, a Van Staal C-Vex 9/11 fly reel, a Sharpes of Aberdeen salmon landing net and a Monteith Speycaster Multi Tip salmon Spey line. The salmon had no chance!
Here's myself with a few fellow salmon guides on the River Tay in front of the Upper Kinnaird fishing hut. From left to right; Myself, Kenny Carr, Andy Pelc, Jim Lamb & Brian Fraser. All are top blokes and salmon fishing guides.
This guest caught this perfect River Tay salmon with his very first cast of the fishing day near Murthly. As you can see that a life jacket & eye protection are mandatory with all of our guided fishing guests in addition to salmon!

Where Can I Go Salmon Fishing In Scotland

There are over 400 salmon rivers in Scotland and many of these river systems or tributary rivers have different timings of salmon runs and many are recent local rainfall dependent.

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Where Can I Go Salmon Fishing In Scotland

what are the best salmon rivers To Fish in scotland

There are over 400 salmon rivers in Scotland and some of these river system's salmon fishing access is often sold as multiple rod single party weekly lets which are tied into self catered accommodation. The larger more famous Scottish rivers like the Tay, Dee, Spey & Tweed are easier to access and are not as dependent on timing your fishing trip to coincide with recent rainfall levels which is the case on the many of the smaller 'water dependent' Scottish spate rivers. The River Tay is the most centrally located salmon fishing river in Scotland being within 90 minutes of both Edinburgh & Glasgow and always has sufficient water to encourage salmon to run and to take a fly.

Why You Should Fish the bigger salmon rivers in scotland

So larger Scottish rivers (Tay, Dee, Spey & Tweed) are a safer bet for visiting salmon fishers due to their larger headwater catchments which maintain better consistent water levels than the smaller rain dependent Scottish spate rivers. If you've only a limited time frame to fish and you need a guaranee of reasonable fishing conditions I'd suggest the Tay should be your number 1 target river choice due to the fact that it's Scotland's largest, deepest salmon river and has a huge loch fed headwater catchment. If you're new to salmon fishing (or in need of better tactical awareness) hiring a professional guide who will supply everything that's needed including tactical tuition, full equipment supply and the seasonally appropriate salmon fishing access will enhance your chances of success. Follow this link for detailed information on how to book a salmon fishing guide in Scotland

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