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The early morning sunlight illuminated this perfect June River Tay salmon perfectly for this photograph. These fish have always mesmerised me with their individual characteristics and the different shades of silver emitting from their beautiful flanks.
I'm often asked when is the best time to come to salmon fishing in Scotland and while my instinctive answer has multiple seasonal options the reality is when there's a taking fish within range of your fly and that can easily occur anytime throughout the long Scottish salmon fishing season. This fish was 1 or 4 salmon caught on 1 day in July.
Here's another fine Spring salmon capture shot from the River Tay opposite the mouth of the River Tummel. A floating Spey line with a 15ft Type 3 sinking tip was the order of the day for this perfect Spring salmon.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Fish In Scotland

Find out the best times of year to fish for salmon in Scotland's rivers.

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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Fish In Scotland

When should I fish for Scottish salmon

Perfect Spring salmon are present in the Scottish rivers from February each year and their numbers build up continually until late May. As a professional salmon fishing guide this is the most exciting & special period of the season due to the sheer beauty & hard fighting qualities of these pristine fish. Salmon fishing is also popular and successful during the Summer & Autumn months too when many thousands of annually returning salmon fishers enjoy the spectacular beauty of the famous Scottish salmon rivers.

When Are there big salmon in the River Tay

On the River Tay the chance of a heavyweight salmon should not be underestimated either as many are present during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months when high water levels draw these specimen salmon into the river. When the water levels drop heavyweight salmon take up the deep water salmon lies so searching the deep pools if you suspect the presence of big fish. The River Tay has an extensive salmon fishing season that runs from the 15th of January through to the 15th of October each year. Book a professional River Tay salmon fishing guide to significantly increase your chances of success.


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