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This photograph of this salmon fly fisher was taken on the River Tay's Ferniehaugh Pool near Dunkeld. This salmon fishing guest had just learned how to Spey cast and was fishing his way down the pool nicely. Look at the perfect fishing conditions.
This is early May on the middle River Tay between Pitlochry & Dunkeld which is a renowned salmon fishing hot spot. Look at the perfect blue sky & water and the new leaves starting to appear on the riverside trees. This fine shot was taken from the right hand bank of the March Pool which is a particularly good salmon pool during Springtime.
This angler's wife had purchased a gift voucher for his Christmas for a guided day with me on the River Tay in Perthshire. He only had previously fished for trout and at the end of the fishing day at 5pm after landing 4 perfect fresh run salmon that he reckoned the trout fishing is more of a challenge! This beautiful fish was number 3 from the 'Guay Pool' near Dunkeld.
Look at this perfect shot taken at the March Pool of the River Tay's Kinnaird Beat during the most glorious late May day. Dream fishing condition like this always makes me reach for my camera to capture the moment as was the case here.
When you feel that initial pluck on your fly reel from the early contact from a salmon you need tom do absolutely nothing until the take develops which can be several seconds or more from initial contact. If you give a salmon plenty time to take and turn on the fly before tightening to set the hook this is the end result!
This is a great tactical ambush area for briefly stopping running salmon that nose into the deep channel which is located directly across from these 2 salmon anglers. Salmon love to stop here after powering up through the fast water at the neck of The Summer House Pool below.

How To Fish For Salmon In Scotland

There are various different components required to effectively fish for salmon in Scotland which are all important for a successful fishing trip.

Learn Essential Salmon Fishing Skills > Learn Essential Salmon Fishing Skills >

How To Fish For Salmon In Scotland

what is the best way to fish for salmon in scotland

There are various different components required to effectively fish for salmon in Scotland which are all important for a successful fishing trip. Local salmon fishing knowledge on any salmon river in the world is always going to be advantageous and being out on the river with a professional  Scottish salmon guide who is tuned into the mood of the river and who knows the exact effective tactical fishing approaches to match the prevailing water conditions is obviously going to give you the best chance of catching a salmon. Follow this link to book a salmon guide in Scotland.

What Skills Will A Salmon Guide Teach You

If you're new to Scottish salmon fishing your professional guide will quickly bring you up to speed on how to Spey cast with a double handed salmon fly rod, move correctly between each swing of the fly and exactly how to reacte effectively to the take from a salmon. You'll also be taught what type of salmon water you can expect to find salmon holding in and how best to play & land salmon once hooked. If you're an experienced salmon fisher then 'fine tuning' on any of the above skills will be highlighted (if required) in addition to making sure you're fishing the best areas of the river during both the morning & afternoon fishing sessions.

What Salmon Fishing Methods Are used In Scotland

Most of the Scottish salmon rivers are 'fly only' unless during bigger coloured water conditions where some rivers will allow an angler to use a spinning rod. On the River Tay (which is Scotland's largest and deepest salmon river) spin fishing is allowed in all water conditions and a well managed River Tay salmon beat will segregate fly fishing & spin fishing guests. The spinner can be highly effective at certain times on the River Tay and does give a new fisher big water coverage capabilities compared to what they could be expected to achieve with the fly. There's much skill involved in spin fishing too which is contrary to popular belief. A professional salmon guide on the Tay will be equiped with both fly & spin fishing equipment and will let the fishing guest decide which methods they'd like to learn.

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