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How To Catch Salmon In The UK

Useful information on how to catch salmon on the rivers in the UK with details of the type of rods, lures & flies that work best.

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How To Catch Salmon In The UK

What salmon fishing tactics are used in the UK

The 2 main salmon fishing tactical approaches on the salmon rivers of the UK are fly fishing and spin fishing.

What length of salmon fly rods are used in the UK

The fly rods that are typically used are double handed Spey or Shooting Head actioned 14ft to 16ft rods paired usually with 8/9 to 10/11 weight floating lines. Sinking tips between 5ft - 15ft in type 1.5' ips, 3' ips & 6' ips (inch per second) are usually also required and a selection of salmon flies in different sizes from large 1 inch to 2 inch tube flies for bigger colder water condition to smaller single or double hooked flies in typically size 11s to size 7s for the more normal water levels experienced throughout the fishing season. The best proven salmon fly patterns are Orange Allys, Silver Stoat, Copperass, Jock's Shrimp & Yellow and Orange.

What length of salmon spin fishing rods are used in the UK

Spin fishing rods are typically 8ft to 10ft in length and should be paired with a matching sized fixed spool reel with monofilament or braided line of between 15lbs to 30lbs test breaking strain. The best proven salmon lures are black bodied flying C's with silver or copper No 2 blades (18gm -25gm), Toby Salmo 30gms in sliver &/or copper or the black, gold, red & copper version, Vision Oneten in champagne gold & regular Tobys in 18gm or 28gm in silver or copper.

Where to learn how to salmon fish in scotland

In Scotland it is possible to book a professional guide who will supply all of the above equipmnent in addiotion to chest waders, waterproof jackets, life jackets and the required salmon fishing tactical tuition on one of the Scottish rivers (Tay, Dee, Spey or Tweed) prime salmon fishing venues. Follow the link for information on hiring a salmon fishing guide in Scotland.



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