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Here's young Robbie Fairfull (12) with his first of 2 perfect 20lbs River Tay Spring salmon which he caught on the Kinnaird Beat in rapid succession of one another on the last day of March.
Here's perfect late Spring day on Perthshire's River Tay. Add a bit of lovely sunlight as seen here and you have the perfect salmon fishing conditions. This was the Meetings Pool on the River Tay near Ballinluig in Perthshire.
I love bright light fishing days as they make your salmon fly sparkle and any salmon you catch too! Look at the illuminated detail a little bit of sunshine creates. This perfect salmon was caught on the River Tay near Dunkeld.
This is a tricky unnatural feeling cast for all right handed salmon fly fishers of which the vast majority of fishers are. Mastering the left hand Spey cast like what you see here is simply done by mental mirror cast duplication of what you've already taught your right hand to do! This Spey caster is performing this traditional Spey cast on the Oak Tree Pool (guess why!) of the River Tay near the village of Meikleour in Perthshire.
This traditional River Tay salmon fishing boat is anchored up in the Dunkeld House Cathedral Stream slightly upstream of the landmark Telford Bridge in Dunkeld. You can see the guest casting a fly and while this is done the boatman lets out a yard of rope between each cast which is how the pool is covered.
A River Tay Salmon Fisher

Where To Go Fishing in Scotland

Scotland has many different species of fish that can be targeted on its many lochs and rivers.

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Where To Go Fishing in Scotland

What fish can i catch in Scotland

Scotland has many different species of fish that can be targeted on its many lochs & rivers. Course fishing isn't as popular as stocked rainbow trout or wild brown trout loch fishing however many of Scotland's fresh water lochs also hold good stocks of roach, perch & pike. The fish that's most desirable to catch in Scotland is beyond doubt the wild Atlantic salmon. This species is known globally as the 'King Of Fish' due to its amazing migratory lifecycle and superb fighting qualities.

Why Salmon Fishing Is A Popular Pursuit

The Scottish salmon rivers have amazing natural beauty and are a pleasure to be out in this magnificent natural arena in pursuit of salmon. There's also a huge thrill involved in catching a powerful Atlantic salmon on a fly rod after learning the essential basis salmon fishing skills from a professional salmon fishing guide. A guided salmon fishing day provides all of the correct salmon fishing equipment, tactical tuition, prime Scottish salmon fishing access plus a salmon fishing guide to optimise your chances of success.

What are the main scottish salmon rivers

The main salmon rivers that are targeted in Scotland are the rivers Tay, Spey, Dee & Tweed as these rivers have vast headwater catchments which always keeps sufficient water levels for salmon to run and hold up in. When people think about Scotland they think whisky, castles, golf & salmon fishing such is its importance to the Scottish rural economy. Follow this link for detailed information on the best way to book salmon fishing in Scotland.