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This is a great Tay fishing hut located slightly northwards off the A9 from Dunkeld. This fishing hut benefits from a wood burning stove and generator powered kettle for tea & coffee supplies to visiting River Tay salmon fishers.
This is the well appointed interior of the Dalmarnock Beat fishing hut on the River Tay near Dunkeld. You'll see the wood burning stove over in the corner which is worth its weight in gold in the cold weather of early Spring.
This lovely green fishing hut is located between Pitlochry & Dunkeld in the River Tay Valley. This is the Lower Kinnaird fishing hut and its outside luncheon table.
What a fantastic culinary scene to welcome the salmon fishers off the River Tay at lunchtime to recharge their energy levels. Only the best professional Michelin Starred chefs are brought in to provide our fishing hut catering service as you can see here in this shot which was taken in the Kinnaird Beat fishing hut near Dunkeld.
Here's a shot of the downstream gable end of the famous Newtyle Beat fishing hut near Dunkeld. Note the beech hendge in front of the hut and I recall in the 70's that hedge just being a series of beech twigs poking out of the ground. I've previously witnessed the River Tay water level being right up to the black gutter which spans across the front roof elevation of the hut!
This is the scenery from inside the Newtyle Beat fishing hut in Birnam with the River Tay flowing past only a few yards away. The cobbled area where the fishing guest is standing and the big table behind him is a great area for outdoor lunches during periods of warm dry weather.
I spent a decade checking into this fishing hut daily as my office and regard that era as one of the best periods of my life. This Victorian fishing hut is over 100 years old and acts these days as the Newtle Beat fishing hut of the River Tay near Dunkeld. It previously served in different nearby local locations as a golf course hut & a curling pond hut and is a real landmark and part of the Birnam community in Perthshire.
Look at this for a riverside palace! This is one of the perfect Tulchan Beat fishing lodges positioned yards away from the River Spey near Grantown-on-Spey. Salmon fishing displays a different dimension of paradise on the Tulchan Estate.
Here's a glimpse of the inside of this famous Newtyle Beat on the River Tay. The walls are covered in salmon capture shots and behind the chair back on the left is a wood burning stove which does a great job of warming up visiting salmon fishing guests on cooler days. Top right above the fireplace is a shot of famous Tay ghillie Willie Laird holding up a specimen 42lbs Spring salmon that he landed with a guest in the 60's.
This is what the view from your office should look like! This is the front door entrance of the Newtyle Beat fishing hut on the River Tay near Dunkeld. This was my office view for the best part of a decade not that many years ago.
This is the Newtyle Beat outdoor lunch table for anglers to use which is located directly in front of the fishing hut. There's high water when this shot was taken as the jetty is barely visible. Over on the far bank you can see the Newtyle Beat boathouse which I and a few colleagues built back in 2008.

What Is A Salmon Fishing Hut Used For

A professional career based salmon fishing guide's breakdown of the functionality of a Scottish river salmon fishing hut.

What Is A Salmon Fishing Hut Used For

Why Do most Scottish Salmon Fishing Beats Have A fishing hut

A Scottish salmon fishing hut is the true activity hub on all salmon beats and all properly organised and professionally run salmon beats have one. There's never two fishing huts that are alike either as they are all usually structured, designed & built differently. Salmon fishing huts often have real character and can instantly bring back special memories for many returning salmon fishers. The Head Ghillie on a salmon beat usually personalises his hut and makes sure the hut is clean, tidy, heated and has a source of hot water for tea & coffee and fascilities for heating food for fishing guests at lunchtime. Often a salmon fishing hut will be carefully positioned on the riverbank above the known high waterline to keep the hut dry during flood conditions although I used to work on the Tay from one which always flooded during the high water of early Spring!

What is the main purpose of a salmon fishing hut

A salmon fishing hut is a great meeting place of visiting salmon fishers and a place where they can build up their rods and take fishing instructions & advice from the Head Ghilie prior to the morning fishing session. At 1pm the fishing guests return to the fishing hut for their lunch break and then are re-allocated different salmon pools to focus on for the afternoon fishing session. At the end of the fishing day around 5pm the fishing guests usually return to the hut to report their catches and if they are going to fish on through the evening the Head Ghillie will again work out a fishing plan for the guests. The fishing hut also serves as a shelter during rough weather conditions when fishers need a break from the elements or to dry off soaked clothing during heavy rainfall days. Many of the fishing huts I've operated from have had shower & full kitchen facilities too for the salmon fishers and the ocassional caterers.

Do salmon fishing huts serve other uses

When a salmon fishing venue is booked exclusively for a guest party the salmon fishing hut can sometimes be transformed by caterers into a formal dining room which makes a fantastic place to have lunch. In periods of rough weather there's also nothing more welcoming than the warmth of the fishing hut's wood burning stove or coal fire to dry off beside before recommencing fishing. If you book a salmon fishing guide in Scotland you'll be taken to a salmon fishing venue that will have one of these fabulous riverbank structures. On a personal basis I got married in a River Tay fishing hut and some of my greatest riverbank memories also were formed with colleagues around the fishing hut fire at the end of the fishing day.