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Welcome to our newsletter page where Scottish salmon fishing updates will be entered on an ongoing daily basis.

Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

17 Aug 2011

Salmon On The Fly Dalguise Beat River Tay

Here's Clive Castell on his second ever day Speycasting and success for another client with the Spey rod.

Dalguise Salmon Fishing River Tay.jpg

16 Aug 2011

The Newtyle Beat River Tay

This is where it all began for me way back in 1970.

Newtyle Beat Hut.jpg

15 Aug 2011

The Atlantic Salmon Trust

The Atlantic Salmon Trust does invaluable work at sea collecting scientific data on the movement of Altantic salmon and sea trout.


14 Aug 2011

Big Water On The Tay

This is the tail of the Ash Trees pool yesterday afternoon. Loads of salmon are stacked into the neck of this pool at the moment which is always a serious hot spot.

River Tay Fly Fishing Days.jpg

13 Aug 2011

River Tay This Evening

With the sun dipping down behind the hill the Tay was looking good this evening. Still big water but many salmon are present in the water in this photograph. This is the neck of the famous Ash Trees pool.

Tay Dusk.jpg

12 Aug 2011

Castle Grant River Spey

Here's a look at the Spey at Castle Grant this morning.

Garra Pool Castle Grant River Spey Salmon Fishing.jpg

11 Aug 2011

Willie 'the ghillie' Laird

Here's the man responsible for my involvement in the salmon fishing world. For those who remember him he was an absolute 'topper' of a man and still greatly missed by many.

Willie 'the ghillie' Laird River Tay Legend.jpg

10 Aug 2011

Salmon Action On The Fly Lower Kinnaird River Tay

Here's a short clip of salmon fight action provided by Izzy Proby's hard fighting cock fish in the New Pool yesterday. This salmon was hooked 200 yards above in the Ash Trees Pool.