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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

21 Jun 2020

Understanding Salmon Holding Areas

A big part of success in Scottish salmon fishing comes from understanding the type of flow and depth that salmon like to hold up in. Reading a salmon river is a skill that few people have developed or is even taught these days as the vast majority of teachers in this game have never operated as professional career guides to have developed this important salmon fishing attribute. Book a true professional salmon guide and learn this important salmon fishing skill.

Understanding Salmon Holding Areas

20 Jun 2020

Salmon Fishing Pool Perfection

There's nothing that beats being out on a Scottish salmon river when the water conditions are in good order. Here's that exact scenario showing such conditions on one of the very best fly fishing pools on the entire River Tay. This is the beautiful March Pool on the stunning Upper Kinnaird salmon beat which incorporates both River Tay & River Tummel salmon water including this pool which is positioned immediately downstream of the confluence.

Salmon Fly Fishing Pool Perfection

19 Jun 2020

Weather Conditions In Salmon Fishing

Personally I prefer the higher pressure days in salmon fishing as over the decades I've seen better results on those days. I don't personally like big looming low pressure fronts as it often diminishes the chances of sport. At other times you'll see a blend of high & low pressure periods throughout the day. None of this truly matters if you present your fly well enough in front of a fresh run sea-liced salmon so with that fact in mind stay consistent & persistent. 

The River Tay Salmon Guide

18 Jun 2020

Introducing Yourself To Spring Salmon

There's a different set of riverbank tactics required to be successful on the Scottish rivers during the early Summer months and this is the time when the rivers often need a different more subtle approach. Be taught by a seasoned professional Scottish salmon fishing guide exactly how to target Summer salmon which are most definitely a beautiful fish to catch at a lovely time of year as was this one which took my fly on my 4th cast last night.


17 Jun 2020

River Tay Salmon Fishing Hot Spots

Knowing exactly where your best chances of covering salmon are throughout the extensive Scottish salmon fishing season logically plays a major role for success in this sport. When you book a professional salmon guide for the day you also book extensive river salmon holding experience knowledge which positions you in the optimal areas where salmon are most likely to be present. This is one such 'hot spot' on Scotland's famous River Tay. 

River Tay Salmon Fishing Hot Spots

16 Jun 2020

Salmon Fishing Hut Preparation

Nothing beats arriving at a well organised and fully prepared salmon fishing hut on one of Scotland's famous salmon river destinations. A professional guide who's on top of his game knows exactly how to get organised for arriving guests in addition to having a carefully thought out salmon fishing plan already in his head for the morning and afternoon salmon fishing sessions. Book a professional salmon guide to show you the correct salmon fishing delivery levels.

Salmon Fishing Hut Preparation

15 Jun 2020

Learn To Fly Fish On The River Tay

I've always maintained that the traditional Spey cast is the easiest cast of them all to master. The key components of that statement are however 100% based on having an instructor who can clearly communicate & demonstrate the logic behind the lift, the swing & the power stroke which are the 3 stages of the Spey cast. This cast can be perfectly explained in under 10 seconds so a good instructor should have your technique perfected within 30 minutes.

Spey Casting On The River Tay

14 Jun 2020

Scottish Salmon Fishing Huts

All top quality salmon fishing venues have a matching top quality fishing huts for the general comfort of their fishing guests through the colder or wetter salmon fishing days. Nothing beats coming into a warm and comfortable fishing hut at lunchtime after a fresh morning out on the salmon river. This shot was taken of a perfect such fishing hut on the famous River Tay at the start of the fishing day before the fishing guests had even arrived.

Scottish Salmon Fishing Huts

13 Jun 2020

Selecting A Salmon Fly

There are so many different patterns of salmon flies available these days it can indeed become mind boggling as to which pattern and size to select. Over the decades I've been involved in this game i've narrowed it down to 5 patterns that are very consistent salmon catchers through the different seasons and water conditions of the year. There's no need to carry a suitcase of salmon flies around with you and a carefully selected box of no more than a dozen flies in different sizes is more than adequate.

Salecting A Salmon Fly

12 Jun 2020

The Magical River Tay

There's highly potent environmental magic in the riverbank scenery of the River Tay and especially in the middle valley area between the Perthshire towns of Pitlochry & Dunkeld. This lovely shot was taken slightly downstream of the River Tummel/Tay confluence which is indeed a special area of the valley and one where many pristine salmon are landed each year. Book a guided River Tay salmon fishing experience and feel this magic for yourself.

The Magic Of Scotlands River Tay