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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

8 May 2022

Salmon & When They Move

Learning when salmon prefer to move throughout the various months of the Scottish salmon fishing season will give you a better understanding of this business and increase your chances of success. There's loads to learn in Scottish salmon fishing and it's truly a fascinating 'soul consuming' never ending journey if your introduction is delivered professionally and thoroughly enough. Follow this link for full details on our Scottish river guided salmon fishing packages.

Salmon Movements

7 May 2022

Salmon Pool Holding Areas

Being taught exactly how to identify the areas of a salmon pool to focus on where fish are likely to be located is a very important part of success in Scottish salmon fishing and especially on the bigger rivers where there are vast areas of water to consider covering. A professionally guided salmon fishing day will give you this very important salmon fishing insight and place you immediately in the top 10% of salmon fishers on the effectiveness stakes.

Salmon Lie Identification

6 May 2022

Embrace The Natural World

There's few things in life you can do for recreation that beats a day out on the river pursuing Atlantic salmon. There's something truly magical about breathing in the outstanding natural beauty and being hypnotised by the flow of the river while your expectations run high for a fish. Treat yourself to a professionally delivered salmon fishing introduction on one of the River Tay's famous salmon fishing beats and learn to embrace the natural world.

River Tay Perfection

5 May 2022

Catching Perfect Tay Spring Salmon

The amazing calibre of salmon that show up in the River Tay and a few of its tributary rivers through the Spring months has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Not only are these fish physically in a league of their own but so are their fighting qualities. When you connect with one of these perfect specimens on a fly rod you'll then also fully understand what I'm talking about from a sheer power point of view. Book now for 2022 while top professional salmon guide availability remains.

Catching Perfect Tay Spring Salmon

4 May 2022

Catching Scottish Salmon

There's a huge sense of satisfaction involved in the capture of a wild Atlantic salmon and especially when it's your first one as was the case here. Trust your introduction to Scottish salmon fishing to the very best professional 'time served' Scottish salmon guides to get you off the starting block quickly and give you the best chances of success. Book a salmon fishing guide to teach you the most effective salmon fishing approaches or fine tune your current technique.

Catch Your First Salmon

3 May 2022

Magical Scottish Moments

There's nothing that compares to the magnificence and excitement of this moment in the fishing day. While Scotland has much to offer on the recreational pursuits side of things nothing compares to the achievement thrill of landing a powerhouse Atlantic salmon on the fly. Follow this link to learn how to fish for salmon via a fully guided Scottish salmon fishing experience with a top professional guide on one of Scotland's famous salmon rivers.

A Moment Of Scottish Magic

2 May 2022

Identifying Salmon Lies

Being able to identify the likely areas of a salmon pool where salmon may be present is a real salmon fishing skill well worth developing. Around the areas where there are riverbed features which create breaks in the current are often productive but sometimes you'll need to look closer as they won't always be as obvious as you see in this photograph. Before fishing through a pool it often pays to sit and observe the water for a few minutes instead of rushing in.

Fishing For Salmon on the River Tay

1 May 2022

Salmon Fly Fishing On The River Tay

This is not only the most exciting pursuit to become involved in but by far the most rewarding when one of these fine specimens is at your boots in the landing net. Book a guided River Tay salmon fishing experience and give yourself a quality introduction to this sport. Having good salmon fishing skills is important to make sure you're in with a chance of success and not just wasting your time on the riverbank so make sure you master the proper skills.

Scottish Salmon Fly Fishing On The River Tay

30 Apr 2022

Salmon Fishing Gift Voucher

Treat a loved one or close friend to a high quality tactical introduction to the fascinating & intriguing world of Scottish salmon fishing via a professionally guided River Tay salmon fishing experience. Book a River Tay salmon fishing guide and take the guesswork out of arranging a days salmon fishing on Scotland's most famous salmon fishing venue will also increase ten fold the chances of an encounter with the much treasured 'King of Fish'.

Salmon Fishing Gift Vouchers In Scotland

29 Apr 2022

Special Salmon River Moments

The riverbanks of Scotland are indeed some of the most amazing places to earth to experience Mother Nature's natural display of perfection. Often while fishing for salmon the light will change and throw you into a completely different dimension of natural beauty and ambiance. This shot of the River Tay was one such moment that I simply just had to reach for my camera. Book a professional Scottish salmon guide to introduce you properly to this amazing beauty.

Salmon River Moments