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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

We hope you'll book a guided salmon fishing experience in Scotland and become an entry on this web page.

Jock Monteith

25 Aug 2019

Fishing Instruction In Scotland

If you're looking for a quality approach to Scottish salmon fishing professionally delivered by one of Scotland's top performing & 'time served' salmon fishing experts then look no further. There's a huge difference between 'talkers' & 'walkers' and our professional Scottish salmon guide team are all of either current 'Head Ghillie' status or former Head Ghillie status with at least 5 years of 'full time' riverbank career experience under their belts. Follow this link for more guided salmon fishing information.

Fishing Instructors In Scotland

24 Aug 2019

Playing A Salmon On The Fly

There's not only skill involved in casting with a 15ft double handed fly rod and making sure your riverbank movement is good enough but setting the hook correctly when a salmon takes and knowing how to play a salmon effectively are just as important for success in salmon fishing. Booking a guided Scottish salmon fishing experience will quickly bring you up to speed with all these essential attributes and put you in with a real chance of salmon fishing success.

Playing A Scottish Salmon on the fly rod

23 Aug 2019

Catch A Perfect Scottish Salmon

Here's a great example of a perfect shimmering fresh run River Tay salmon that was caught during May. There a serious thrill & great excitement in placing one of these perfect Scottish salmon at your feet in a landing net. To learn exactly how to do this follow this link to our River Tay guided salmon fishing experience package which gives you a professional Tay salmon guide and all the required equipment to give you the greatest chance of this scenario occurring.

Catch A Perfect Salmon From The River Tay

22 Aug 2019

Salmon Pool Holding Areas

Being taught exactly how to identify the areas of a salmon pool to focus on where fish are likely to be located is a very important part of success in Scottish salmon fishing and especially on the bigger rivers where there are vast areas of water to consider covering. A professionally guided salmon fishing day will give you this very important salmon fishing insight and place you immediately in the top 10% of salmon fishers on the effectiveness stakes.

Salmon Lie Identification

21 Aug 2019

Learning To Spey Cast

Learning how to use a double handed salmon fly rod and perform the traditional Scottish Spey cast effectively is another exciting part of a professionally guided Scottish salmon fishing experience. The elegance and ease of the Spey cast can easily become an addictive skill and especially so when it leads you to your very first encounter with a super fit fresh run Atlantic salmon. All of the required salmon fly fishing equipment is supplied by ourselves.

Learn To Spey Fish

20 Aug 2019

Catch Salmon On The River Tay

Here's the size and beauty of what are often encountered on Scotland's bigger salmon fishing venues. This perfect heavyweight salmon was caught at the end of March on the famous River Tay and was one of two fish virtually identical to one another that were landed by this young salmon fisher on day one of his introduction to Scottish salmon fishing. The Tay is especially well known for big fish and is still the home of the British record salmon of 64lbs.


19 Aug 2019

Hooking A Salmon

One of the most important aspects of salmon fly fishing is knowing exactly how to deal with a 'take' when it occurs as it is crucial you don't react too quickly which will squander the opportunity. Train yourself to ignore the desire to lift the rod or strike as neither are effective. Wait until you're receiving a steady long draw of line off the reel and simply clamp the reel face with the rod pointing down to briefly feel the weight of the fish to ensure a proper hook hold.

Hooking A Salmon

19 Aug 2019

Fishing The River Tay In Autumn

The spectacular beauty of the River Tay & all other Scottish salmon rivers should not be underestimated through the Autumn months. On the Tay the chance of a seriously heavyweight Autumn salmon should not be underestimated either as many are present during the Autumn months when big water levels arrive. This perfect early Autumn shot was taken from the Tay's beautiful Dunkeld House salmon beat.

Fishing The River Tay In Autumn

17 Aug 2019

The Value Of Salmon Fishing Tuition

If you take the time to invest in quality tuition in the basic yet proven methods of salmon pool coverage along with an understanding in how to set a hook when a salmon takes then you'll be leap years ahead of the average salmon fisher. There's so much more to Scottish salmon fishing than just turning up with a rod & permit which in my professional opinion is a waste of time. Book a professional 'time served' salmon guide and excel in this fantastic sport.

Salmon On The Tay

16 Aug 2019

Salmon Fly Brilliance

Here's a lovely selection of some highly effective Spring salmon fly patterns that are just about ready to be swum! Having real faith in your salmon fly and knowing how to swim it effectively goes along way to a successful outcome while fishing the beautiful Scottish rivers. Making an educated salmon fly choice decision then ticking with it is an important part of salmon fishing. Learn all about the effective salmon fly patterns on a guided salmon fishing experience.

Salmon Fly Brilliance