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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

We hope you'll book a guided salmon fishing experience in Scotland and become an entry on this web page.

Jock Monteith

3 Jun 2020

Salmon Fishing Tuition & Guidance

Learning all the important aspects of salmon fishing from professional salmon fishing guides is the quickest way to gain competence in salmon fishing. From the outside it may well look like all you need is a rod and a permit but that analysis is miles away from the truth. Fishing for salmon without the appropriate skills in casting, movement, setting the hook, fly choice, fly speed & depth, stealth of approach & how to play a fish is a waste of your valuable time if catching fish is important to you.

Fly Fish The River Tay

2 Jun 2020

The Perfect Riverbanks Of The Tay

Here's a beautiful shot of the River Tay with traditional boat at the ready and a double rainbow hovering over the river. This lovely shot was taken close to the village of Logierait which is the nearest village to where the River Tummel enters the Tay. This specific area of the Tay Valley is well worth a go and especially during the Spring months when the Tay & Tummel Spring salmon run is in full swing.

The Most Perfect Scottish Riverbanks

1 Jun 2020

Fishing For Salmon On The River Tay

There's much to captivate your mind when you're out on Scotland's most famous salmon river with a 15ft fly rod in your hands. The peace & calm of the environment paired with the almost hypnotic flow of the stream permits the most focussed learning retention while under instruction from one of our professional River Tay salmon guide team members. Book a River Tay salmon guide and learn how to effectively fish for salmon on the River Tay.

Fishing For Salmon on the River Tay

31 May 2020

Fresh Run River Tay Salmon

Here's a shot of a perfect fresh run fish from the River Tay which was caught on Friday. There's nothing that truly beats the excitement of catching one of these fine specimens on the fly but there's more involved in being successful than any outsider looking in could imagine. Book the professional services of a professional Scottish river salmon guide and let your guide significantly increase your chances of success.


30 May 2020

God's Finest Fishing Arena

Here's a lovely shot from the River Tay which was taken during March. I love it during the colder Spring months when the sunlight breaks through the clouds and creates a shimmering light effect on the surface of the river as you can clearly see here. That little bit of added warmth in the air goes a long way in early season salmon fishing and can often triggers a take or two from Spring salmon as was the case moments before this fine shot was taken.

Gods Finest Fishing Arena

29 May 2020

Learning To Fish For Salmon

There's much to take on board in order to bring your salmon fishing skill set up to scratch if you're serious about catching Scottish salmon. One of these skills is understanding the fact that keeping back out of the river is important as the less disturbance to the salmon pool you create the better your chances of success will be. Book a professional Scottish salmon fishing guide to teach you all of these basic salmon fishing skills and increase your chances of success.

Learning Salmn Fishing Tactics

28 May 2020

Booking Scottish Salmon Fishing

Now that the Scottish salmon rivers are about to re- open after this virus fiasco this is indeed an optimal time to book a salmon fishing day while availability is there as this time of the year has always offered a great chance of a fish. June is indeed when the maximum number of earlier running Spring salmon are present on all of the big 4 Scottish rivers. Book a professional salmon guide to increase your chances of some sub surface action.

Catching A Scottish Spring Salmon

27 May 2020

Scottish Salmon Fishing Trips

Here's a shot of an American client rolling out a perfect Spey cast after a brief crash course in this artistic Scottish style of casting. The real benefit of the Spey cast is that it allows you to present a salmon fly to the river when there's insufficient space behind you for a traditional over head cast. In addition to that it's a physically easier cast to perform once its mechanics are fully understood. Treat yourself to a quality introduction to Scottish salmon fishing in 2020.

Fishing Holidays In Scotland

26 May 2020

Special Salmon Fishing Moments

There's nothing in the outdoor pursuits arena that remotely compares to the sheer excitement that a fresh run salmon brings when hooked on a fly rod. This perfect salmon was caught on the famous Scottish River Tay which is a fantastic salmon river which fishes well throughout its long salmon fishing season from mid January through to mid October. Follow this link to book a guided River Tay salmon fishing day to increase your chances of an encounter like this.

Fly Fishing In Scotland For Salmon

25 May 2020

Scottish Fly Fishing

Here's a beautiful shot of a classic Scottish fly fishing stream on the River Tay. To my mind what you see here are perfect salmon fly fishing conditions with an overcast sky but still a glimmer of sunlight which creates a sparkle on the surface of the water. There's always a huge sense of excitement & expectations in the air for me when these conditions occur and they nearly always result in a fish or two. Learning the river moods is an important part of salmon fishing.

Scottish Fly Fishing Streams