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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

22 Oct 2021

Fishing The Correct Salmon Fly

You cannot beat good old personal faith when it comes to salmon fly selection. If you've no real faith in the salmon fly you're using it will ultimately effect your fishing effort. Faith is derived only from multiple salmon captures so there is no short cut but once you've achieved that and personally witnessed the consistency of a fly's salmon attracting ability then a true life long relationship has indeed begun.

Fishing The Correct Salmon Fly

21 Oct 2021

Catching A River Tay Salmon

It takes knowledge and skill with a good understanding of salmon habits and behaviour to catch one of these perfect River Tay salmon. Fishing for salmon is not just about turning up on the river with your fishing equipment because success in this sport only comes from knowing exactly how to use it. Invest in some proper tuition and get your salmon fishing career off the starting block effectively. Book a professional River Tay salmon guide.

River Tay Fishing Instruction 2

20 Oct 2021

Salmon Fishing On the River Tay

The famous River Tay has many fantastic salmon fishing venues however the middle to upper reaches of the valley where the river terrain opens up has more easily waded fly fishing water than the lower reaches where there's primarily a rock based riverbed with less tapered river margins. Knowing where the best fly fishing is to be found comes with decades of observation and this is one of the many reasons why consulting with a professional salmon guide is important prior to securing your salmon fishing trip.

Salmon Fishing on The Middle River Tay

19 Oct 2021

Understanding Salmon Holding Areas

A big part of success in Scottish salmon fishing comes from understanding the type of flow and depth that salmon like to hold up in. Reading a salmon river is a skill that few people have developed or is even taught these days as the vast majority of teachers in this game have never operated as professional career guides to have developed this important salmon fishing attribute. Book a true professional salmon guide and learn this important salmon fishing skill.

Understanding Salmon Holding Areas

18 Oct 2021

Catching An Early Spring Salmon

Here's a shot of a perfect early Spring salmon that was caught at the end of the day during the month of February. In the colder and sometimes wet early Spring months of the season there's never that many anglers out searching for fresh run Spring salmon however the salmon are always there! Book a River Tay salmon fishing guide to give you the best chance of location one of these fine specimens. Book your early Spring 2022 salmon fishing now.

Early Spring Salmon On The Tay

17 Oct 2021

Speycasting Tuition

On all guided Scottish salmon fishing days an effective crash course on how to master the art of Speycasting is delivered to make sure the daily water coverage objective is achieved. Even with experienced salmon fishers there's usually always a glitch or two in their casting technique that needs identified by an experienced eye and ironed out effectively. Using a through actioned Spey rod is a very satisfying way to deliver your fly to the salmon holding areas of any beat.

Speycasting Tuition

16 Oct 2021

Catching Memorable Salmon

There's an amazing natural high achieved by the successful capture of a perfect fresh run heavyweight salmon and make no mistake about that fact. While this is always the main objective in Scottish salmon fishing don't underestimate the tact & skill levels required to not only position you over known salmon lies but equally importantly how to cover the water correctly and exactly how to deal with the take from a salmon when that inevitably happens.

Memorable Scottish Salmon Captures

15 Oct 2021

Learning To Fish For Salmon

If you're serious about achieving success in this amazing sport you need to get with a professional salmon guide who's been in the business long enough to be able to teach the basic fundamental salmon fishing skills. Catching salmon has little really to do with luck and is much more about effective salmon pool & water column coverage with a solid understanding of how to react to a salmon take when it occurs. Don't leave you success ratio to chance.

Learning To Fish For salmon

14 Oct 2021

Playing A River Tay Salmon

Once you master the skills involved in getting to the point where you can hook a salmon it is then equally important that you know how to play & land your salmon. Never ever try to hold a salmon when it starts pulling away as the excessive strain on the hook hold and leader will almost certainly end up in the loss of your fish. When you feel the fish pulling release your hand from the reel and let it take line keeping the rod tip high to avoid your fly line being drowned.

13 Oct 2021

The Beauty Of A Wild Salmon

There's various different and highly attractive components involved with catching a wild salmon. Firstly there's the careful preparation in making sure your kit is well thought out and in first class order. Then there's the excitement & anticipation involved in approaching the river. Following that you've got the high expectations that come from controlling the fly properly through each pool. The crescendo to it all is that often gentle yet firm tug on the fly reel.

Perfect Salmon From The River Tay