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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

17 Mar 2018

Salmon & When They Move

Learning when salmon prefer to move throughout the various months of the Scottish salmon fishing season will give you a better understanding of this business and increase your chances of success. There's loads to learn in Scottish salmon fishing and it's truly a fascinating 'soul consuming' never ending journey if your introduction is delivered professionally and thoroughly enough. Follow this link for full details on our Scottish riverĀ guided salmon fishing packages.

Salmon Movements

16 Mar 2018

Salmon Fishing Tactical Awareness

There's much more involved in Scottish salmon fly fishing than just launching a long line out across the river. The thought process and skill set that catches you salmon commences when your fly lands on the water and not before. Learn how to properly control the depth & speed of your salmon fly which is a vital component for success in this amazing traditional pursuit. Follow this link for information on how to book salmon fishing tuition with a professional guide.

Scottish Salmon Fly Fishing Tactical awareness

15 Mar 2018

Fishing The Tay At Dunkeld

Here's a fine River Tay Spring salmon that was landed by a delighted fishing guest from one of the beautiful brand new 'larch built' Tay salmon fishing boats this Tuesday. There are many fine salmon entering the River Tay at this time that are there to be caught and a few of the finest River Tay professional salmon guides are on standby to show you exactly how this scenario can be achieved. Follow this link for fullĀ guided River Tay salmon fishing details.

Salmon Landed At Dunkeld House

14 Mar 2018

Scottish Salmon Fishing Opportunity

As a professional River Tay salmon fishing guide I well and truly know the the difference in the salmon numbers that appear in the Tay and other Scottish salmon rivers when mid March arrives each year. For me it has always been a monumental 'time' marker in the Scottish salmon fishing calendar as the next 8 weeks are without doubt the most exciting Spring weeks of all as the entire Scottish Spring run of salmon ascend the beautiful Scottish rivers.

Catching Heavyweight March Salmon

13 Mar 2018

Dunkeld Bridge On The River Tay

This beautiful 200 year old blonde sandstone Telford Bridge which spans the Tay in Dunkeld is a true Scottish salmon fishing landmark. The middle River Tay area where Dunkeld and this beautiful historic bridge is located is also one of the best salmon fishing areas on the entire river. Book yourself a guided River Tay salmon fishing experience and not only gain a quality insight into how to catch salmon but also an insight into the taking areas of some of the better middle River Tay salmon fishing beats.

Dunkeld On The River Tay

12 Mar 2018

River Tay Fly Fishing

Here's a shot of the lovely March Pool on the Upper Kinnaird salmon beat of the River Tay. The river you see that flows into the Tay in this shot is the River Tummel which is an exceptionally good Spring salmon fishing venue. On any salmon fishing day whether guided or a permit only access supply it is paramount to know where the best salmon catching areas are to be located and securing access to these areas to enhance the salmon fishing experience.

River Tay Salmon Fly Fishing

11 Mar 2018

Salmon Fishing Conditions

This particular early Spring salmon was caught during exceptionally low water conditions right in front of 2 fishing guests who were complaining about the low water and how it was a complete waste of time to fish! Our salmon thankfully don't read the same fishing books we do as this lovely fish perfectly proved. On the River Tay there's always sufficient water levels for salmon to run when they decide to due to the huge loch fed headwaters of the Tay system.

Salmon Fishing River Conditions

10 Mar 2018

The Ultimate Scottish Fishing Prize

Here's an absolute peach of a River Tay Spring salmon that was landed during the perfect Spring fly fishing month of May. This was one of two perfect fish that were landed in very quick succession that day as a run of sea-liced salmon progressed up the River Tay. Salmon often are caught in pairs by those astute enough to realise exactly what has occurred when a run of salmon briefly appear and before the opportunity for a second fish has gone.

Spring Tay Salmon

9 Mar 2018

Deadly Salmon Fly Patterns

When you've spent enough time on the salmon rivers of Scotland you'll probably also realise that two or three different salmon fly patterns tied in two or three different sizes is all you really need to have. The really important component of a salmon fly is having sufficient 'faith' in it to persevere long enough for it to work again. When salmon are switched off there's nothing that's going to change their minds so sticking with what you know works is the best approach.

Jock Shrimp Fly

8 Mar 2018

Fresh Run River Tay Salmon

Here's a shot of the typical calibre of River Tay salmon that are currently now entering the Scottish salmon rivers. There's nothing that truly beats the excitement of catching one of these fine specimens on the fly but there's more involved in being successful than any outsider looking in could imagine. Book the professional services of a professional Scottish river salmon guide and let your guide significantly increase your chances of success.

Running Tay Salmon