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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

17 Oct 2017

The Copperass Tube Fly

Here's an incredible little concoction of Arctic fox fur and a few man made tinsels and ribbing. This is the 'Copperass' in a tube fly version which is a very serious salmon catching pattern in the higher water periods of the salmon fishing season & especially in Spring or Autumn. The inclusion of two strands of gold holographic tinsel in the wing and a UV varnished body along with its other proven material components makes this fly irresistible to salmon.

The Copperass Tube Fly

16 Oct 2017

Spring Salmon Lies

In the old days the professional Scottish salmon guides or 'ghillies' as they are known in Scotland marked their Spring salmon lies with big bunches of snowdrops in the very early weeks and daffodils for March & April. This has always impressed me that something so natural and effective was used that would only be visible to the educated eye of the salmon fisher and the professional Scottish ghillie that planted them. If you see bunches of these flowers on the riverbanks of Scotland then pay attention.

Scottish Salmon Lies

15 Oct 2017

River Tay Autumn Salmon Run

This year the Tay Autumn run is only just arriving now as the 2017 River Tay salmon fishing season drew to a close yesterday. This I suppose is great news for the Autumn run as too many fish are killed through the slack 'catch & release' recommendations that governs the Autumn run. Illogical policies seem to continue within the management of the Tay where a single shortsighted fishing owner can scupper an initiative that benefits the entire Perthshire economy. 

Autumn River Tay Salmon

14 Oct 2017

River Tay Spring Salmon

Here's a perfect shot of the fabulous middle Tay during Springtime when the most amazing and hard fighting run of salmon is present in all of the bigger Scottish rivers. These fine creatures are referred to as 'Springer' and they are indeed special creatures that can be caught at a special time of the year as nature comes alive again after the bleak cold weather months of Winter. Book a guided Spring salmon fishing experience and feel this magic for yourself.

Tay Fishing In Spring

13 Oct 2017

Salmon Fishing Gift Vouchers

Here's a shot of a brand new salmon fisher sporting his first ever salmon which was caught on his very first salmon fishing experience. His wife had bought him a guided salmon fishing gift voucher for his Christmas and this perfect fresh run River Tay salmon was one of four beautiful fish ranging from 7lbs to 12lbs in weight that he was fortunate to land that day. As a trout fisher he told me at 5pm that he found his trout fishing much more challenging!

Catching Your Very First Salmon

12 Oct 2017

The Dee Monkey Salmon Fly

Here's a Dee Monkey salmon fly which is superb for the early Spring fishing months of the year. This pattern is a hybrid version with a few modern materials which originated from the old "Black & Yellow' and the 'Posh Tosh' fly patterns. The addition of a pearlescent body with the inclusion of some UV varnish on the body and 2 long strands of gold holographic tinsel added to the long black Arctic Runner wing make this highly effective fly pattern.

The Dee Monkey Salmon Fly

11 Oct 2017

Fishing The River Tay

If you're planning a trip to this famous Scottish river take advice from those who know what they are talking about and don't get caught up with the seriously flawed Scottish 'catch stats' nonsense that has plagued this fine industry during the last decade. The less a salmon venue gets fished the more likely you'll get a reaction from a salmon as when a salmon beat is over fished salmon can completely switch off to the presence of a fly or lure. Less is often more.

Fishing On The River Tay

10 Oct 2017

The Fish Of A Lifetime

There's a huge and unforgettable thrill involved in the capture of a heavyweight Scottish salmon like this fine Spring run specimen which was caught on the River Tay. Of all the Scottish salmon rivers the Tay is regarded as the very best venue for the capture of such a fish and has earned the title of being Scotland's big fish river over many decades. On the Tay you just never know what is going to be behind that initial and often gentle tug on your salmon fly.

The Salmon Of A Lifetime

9 Oct 2017

Hooking A Salmon

One of the most important aspects of salmon fly fishing is knowing exactly how to deal with a 'take' when it occurs as it is crucial you don't react too quickly which will squander the opportunity. Train yourself to ignore the desire to lift the rod or strike as neither are effective. Wait until you're receiving a steady long draw of line off the reel and simply clamp the reel face with the rod pointing down to briefly feel the weight of the fish to ensure a proper hook hold.

Hooking A Salmon

8 Oct 2017

Spring Salmon Fishing In Scotland

The bigger Scottish salmon rivers like the Tay, Spey & Dee are all great venues for intercepting one of these perfect Scottish salmon. The sheer beauty & fighting qualities of these prized specimens has to be experienced to be fully appreciated and to my mind they create the ultimate Scottish salmon fishing memories. I personally can recall all the Spring salmon I was fortunate to catch as a youth right down to the details of the salmon flies I caught them on.

Spring Salmon Fishing In Scotland