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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

We hope you'll book a guided salmon fishing experience in Scotland and become an entry on this web page.

Jock Monteith

14 Dec 2017

Favourite Salmon Flies

A salmon only ever takes the salmon fly you're fishing with therefore you'll never really know if it would have reacted the same way to another pattern. This salmon fly named the 'Copperass' I developed while working as a River Tay head ghillie and it has my full approval as I've witnessed its effectiveness on way too many occasions over the years. Fishing a salmon fly that you've built excellent personal confidence in is an important aspect of Scottish salmon fishing.

The Copper Ass Salmon Fly

13 Dec 2017

Christmas Fishing Gifts

As Christmas now fast approaches consider a quality professionally delivered Scottish salmon fishing introduction for a loved one this year. Our guided salmon fishing gift experiences assure the best chance of success and that all the required salmon fishing skills are effectively taught. We also provide all the required salmon fishing equipment & waterproof clothing. Follow this link for more details on how to purchase a Scottish salmon fishing gift voucher.

Salmon Fishing Gifts

12 Dec 2017

Salmon River Adventures

Unleash your natural spirit on the beautiful Scottish salmon rivers in 2018 and breathe in the magnificence of the scenery that goes hand in hand with this amazing Scottish pursuit. The smell of a wood burning stove, the clink of a crystal whisky glass, the splash of a distant salmon and the scream of a salmon fly reel are just a few of the glorious attributes of Scottish salmon fishing. Follow this link for details on a guided Scottish salmon fishing experience with a top professional salmon guide.

Salmon Fishing Adventures

11 Dec 2017

Salmon Fishing At Dunkeld

Here's another shot of a fine Spring salmon from the River Tay which was the 2nd salmon landed that morning by this happy salmon fishing guest who had travelled from Canada to catch a Scottish salmon. We are fast approaching the best months in the entire salmon fishing calendar so if you're keen to secure a personal introduction to the 'King of Fish' then this is a great time to book a day or two with one of Scotland's top performing salmon fishing guides.

Dunkeld Salmon Fishing

10 Dec 2017

Salmon Fishing TV

Several years ago I was very fortunate to get the offer from top producer Chris Webster & top presenter Neen MacKay to participate in a fantastic series of salmon fishing programs which were covering many of our famous Scottish salmon rivers. The Turas a Brahdain series was a massive success and is still re-run even today. Obviously our 'Salmon God' turned up too on the first episode that was filmed on the Tay at Dunkeld and brought two fine Spring salmon with him.

Jock Monteith Salmon Guide Ghillie

9 Dec 2017

Salmon Fly Faith

There's so many different salmon fly patterns available these day it can be completely mid boggling if you're new to this amazing sport. Once you've bedded into this fantastic pursuit and caught a few fish on a few different salmon fly patterns you'll start to realise that salmon are often not too fussy when they're in the right frame of mind to cooperate. Having the unseen material of 'faith' tied into your salmon fly is the most important part of salmon fly selection.

Salmon Fly Faith

8 Dec 2017

Salmon River Beauty

Here's a shot from the middle River Tay which was taken during late Spring when the wild lupins were in bloom. The river environment has always been amazing in Scotland and has played a big part in the attraction of Scottish salmon fishing. Do yourself a big favour and rest your soul out in a more natural habitat than the concrete one so many of us have been forced to endure. There's way much more to Scottish salmon fishing than most people could ever realise.

Scottish Salmon river beauty

7 Dec 2017

Outsmarting A Salmon

Scottish salmon fishing has many untold & unsold benefits but when it really comes down to the crunch the biggest attraction for many anglers in Scottish salmon fishing is outthinking & outsmarting a fish that is far more astute than most people give it credit for. Follow this link for details on how you can learn how to approach a salmon pool & fish your fly correctly on the beautiful & famous salmon rivers of Scotland. This is one of Scotland's most popular rural pursuits.

Outsmarting A Salmon

6 Dec 2017

Salmon Fishing Gifts For Christmas

There's no other 'experience' gift that could ever compare to the thrill of an introduction to Scotland's most sought after gamefish. If you're considering providing a loved one this Christmas with something naturally different then look no further. Follow this link for detailed information on our guided Scottish salmon fishing packages which cover all of our main salmon rivers and are inclusive of tuition from some of the most technically gifted professional salmon guides.

Fishing Gift Vouchers For Salmon

5 Dec 2017

Reading A Salmon River

There's great value in learning the type of water on a river throughout the varying water heights where salmon will be found. This skill when mastered really does allow you to properly focus your fishing efforts onto the optimal areas of a salmon beat therefore increases your chances of catching salmon. Follow this link for guided salmon fishing tuition which includes being taught this skill by one of Scotland's top performing professional salmon fishing guides. 

Reading A Salmon River