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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

24 Apr 2017

Learn The Art Of Salmon Fishing

When you get into this amazing sport it's a never ending educational journey due to all the ever changing salmon fishing conditions you'll be faced with. The important things are to thoroughly grasp the basics of casting, riverbank movement and how to set the hook when a salmon takes. The rest comes through experience learned by spending enough time on the salmon river to get a feel of where salmon will be located through all the varying water conditions. 

Learn How To Fish For Salmon

23 Apr 2017

Perfect Salmon River Moments

Throughout the course of the salmon fishing day there are moments where you just sit back and take in the amazing natural surroundings. In this modern era of performance based living & graph statistics it's great to still have this natural arena where you can take your watch off and turn the rule book upside down. There's much more to Scottish salmon fishing than you can possibly imagine until your experience its magic and the natural beauty of it all for yourself.

River Tay Salmon Fishing Permits

22 Apr 2017

Lunches In The Fishing Hut

If you've a big enough fishing party and want something special prepared for when you come off the water at lunchtime then we can arrange a top performing Michelin starred chef to transform a fishing hut into a high end restaurant. Most salmon fishing clients are happy to bring their own sandwich but if there's a special occasion we can add whatever additional services are required for that ultra special Scottish salmon river fishing experience.

Fishing Hut Lunches

21 Apr 2017

Assessing A Salmon Pool

Don't just rush in and start fishing a salmon pool but instead take a seat and observe the water for a few minutes. It's amazing what you can learn by doing this and you'll work out where the best chances of covering salmon will be depending on the prevailing water conditions. Often a fish or two will also show which is obviously a great indicator where to focus on and normally if a fish is going to cooperate it will happen soon after the salmon sees the fly.

Salmon Fishing Rivers In Scotland

20 Apr 2017

The Perfect Scottish Salmon

I've always been fascinated by the preparation and fishing tact required to have a salmon in your landing net but also by the sheer beauty of each individual fish. Each wild Atlantic salmon has very individual colours and characteristics depending on the period of the year that they're caught during. It's important to treat each salmon with respect and a future investment in the wellbeing of this amazing sport and release them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A Salmon Fishing Trip To Scotland 5

19 Apr 2017

The Famous River Tay

Here's a blast from 2007 when I was serving my time on the River Tay as a head ghillie. This true River Tay filming masterpiece was produced by Chris Webster and perfectly presented by Neen MaKay. Our 'Salmon God' showed up as usual and rewarded my two friends Jim Fisher & Donnie Whiteford with 2 amazing River Tay 'Springers'. Thank you to STV for allowing me the opportunity to participate on the Tay, Spey & Fyne episodes in this highly popular fishing series.

18 Apr 2017

Learning the Scottish Speycast

A common mistake taught in Spey casting instruction is the valueless 10 o'clock top lift position which will kill the cast as too much line will still be on the water for an easy smooth swing to then develop. Raising the rod higher to 11 o'clock lifts that little bit extra fly line allowing a smooth swing to retains full line energy for an effortless forward delivery. Trust the men who have made this business their life if you want to master this beautiful casting technique quickly.

Speycasting tips

17 Apr 2017

Salmon Fishing Success

There are no guarantees in Scottish salmon fishing as these fish take tact, skill and a little bit of good fortune to catch one. This is what makes it special when you are successful in salmon fishing and capturing the moment is a great thing as most mobile phones have a camera even if you're fishing alone. Taking the assistance of a professional salmon fishing guide is always going to give you the advantage if you wish to learn effective salmon fishing tactics quickly.

Perfect Spring Salmon Capture

16 Apr 2017

Salmon River Natural Beauty

When you go searching for salmon on Scotland's beautiful rivers you're not only buying the right to fish but you're also gaining access to some of the most amazing natural landscapes in the world. When I fish for salmon I'm taking in the entire experience and not just polarised on catching a fish. On that note I've always discovered that salmon take the fly when your mind is in that slightly defocussed state and never when you're willing one to do so. 

Amazing Natural Beauty

15 Apr 2017

The Salmon Fight

Once you've hooked a salmon try to stay one step ahead of proceedings and look for the best area to steer the salmon to where you're not playing the fish and the weight of the current. A deepish slack water area is perfect for this and you'll end the fight twice as quickly if you can locate one. The best fight position to have while playing a fish is 'side on' and don't let your fish get too far down stream as the hook hold pressure will be directed out of the salmon's mouth and again you'll also be playing the weight of the river.