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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

23 May 2017

The Amazing Scottish Rivers

Here's a stunning shot of the River Tay which is Scotland's largest salmon river in length & depth. One of the fine attributes of the Tay is that several huge lochs feed the main river with water therefore even during long periods of dry weather there's always sufficient flow for salmon to run. The Tay is the safest bet in Scotland for suitable water conditions and even after heavy rainfall it doesn't colour up as quickly as the smaller Scottish salmon rivers can often do.

The Most Amazing Scottish Rivers

22 May 2017

Salmon Fishing Introduction

It is important for this amazing pursuit that there's plenty of youngsters being properly introduced to the sport of Scottish salmon fishing. In a world of electronic distractions it's great to see the youngsters experiencing a good introduction and some early success in the sport. This perfect Spring salmon was one of three landed by this young man on a trip to the River Tay during April. Book your son or daughter a quality introduction to the 'King Of Fish'.

Fishing For Salmon in Scotland

21 May 2017

River Tay Boat Fishing

Effective coverage of far distant salmon lies can be achieved from the traditional River Tay fishing boats. Learning to fish for salmon properly from a 'time served' guide is best conducted from the riverbank. Once you're up to speed with the basics of casting & how to effectively set the hook when a fish takes then an hour or two out in the boat is always a useful inclusion to your salmon fishing day. Most quality Tay salmon beats have a boat available for sharing.

Scottish Salmon Fishing From The Boat

20 May 2017

Salmon Fishing Success

Here's a shot of a perfect fresh run River Tay salmon which was caught during the popular fly fishing month of June. Catching a salmon like this on the fly rod is no easy task unless you know exactly what you're doing and are properly equipped with all the correct fishing tackle. Take the time to be professionally introduced to this fascinating pursuit via a fully guided and instructional Scottish salmon fishing experience on one of our famous Scottish salmon rivers.

Fishing Success On The Tay

19 May 2017

Perfect River Tay Fly Pools

There's definitely something exhilarating about being out in the river with your chest waders on in a perfect salmon fly pool like this one. This feeling is even more intense when a salmon jumps as you work your fly down through the pool. Test the magic of Scottish salmon fishing for yourself this year via a fully guided and instructional day on one of Scotland's famous salmon fishing rivers. There's little that comes close to this amazing pursuit as a recreational activitiy.

Scottish Fly Fishing pools

18 May 2017

Perfect Fly Fishing Streams

Here's another shot from the prolific River Dee in Aberdeenshire which is a fantastic Scottish salmon fishing river venue. This beautiful shot was taken from the grounds of the luxurious Banchory Lodge Hotel which is perfectly positioned 70 yards from the river. If you're going to consider a salmon fishing trip to the River Dee then this hotel and access to a few of the high quality local Banchory River Dee salmon beats would create the perfect fishing trip itinerary. 

Perfect Fly Fishing Pools

17 May 2017

A Close Encounter With The Silvery Kind

Here's a close up shot of a perfect River Tay heavyweight salmon seconds before the rim of the landing net is lowered and the fish is set free. There's huge satisfaction in catching these amazing fish which is doubled when you see then strongly swimming away. Catch & Release is a sensible and globally acceptable practice in maintaining viable stock numbers of these national assets which many Scottish rural economies are very dependent upon.

Atlantic Salmon Close Up Shot

16 May 2017

The Beautiful Salmon River

There's so much to be gained from a day on one of Scotland's famous salmon rivers besides catching a salmon. The natural beauty of the riverbank setting coupled with the background sounds of Mother Nature will put you back into a far distant time when we all operated in the great outdoors. Enjoying the surroundings of the salmon river is easy to do and even more so when a perfect salmon shows up.

Salmon Fishing Tranquility

15 May 2017

Salmon Fishing Huts

Here's a great example of the level of investment many Scottish salmon beat owners go to for the comfort of their salmon fishing clients. This beautiful fishing hut has all the modern features like a wood burning stove, dishwasher, microwave, toilets and in many cases even WiFi. In periods of cold or wet weather a heated luxury fishing hut is like a riverbank 'oasis' where you can dry off and get a hot cup of tea.

Salmon Fishing Huts

14 May 2017

Catching A Fresh Run Salmon

Here's a fortunate salmon fishing guest with his professional guide yesterday morning on the River Tay after landing this perfect fresh run Spring salmon. There's no doubt about the effectiveness of having a highly experienced salmon guide over watching your approach even if you're an experience salmon fisher. It's the little decisions that are made each hour on the salmon river that can be the difference between landing a fish or not as was the case here.

Catching A Fresh Run River Tay Salmon