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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

We hope you'll book a guided salmon fishing experience in Scotland and become an entry on this web page.

Jock Monteith

19 Aug 2017

The Salmon River Ambiance

There's nothing in the vast world of Scottish outdoor pursuits that compares to being beside a salmon river and its hypnotising beauty & flows. Add into the mix the adrenalin inducing excitement experienced from contact with the hardest fighting & most beautiful Scottish gamefish and you've truly found the ultimate rural pursuit. If you take the time to investigate this amazing pursuit and introduce yourself to the differing dimensions of the salmon river you'll never look back.

River Salmon Fishing In Scotland

18 Aug 2017

Lady Salmon Fishers

Here's a shot of a delighted first time lady salmon fisher with one of two perfect Autumn salmon which she caught yesterday on the River Tay. A top professional salmon fishing guide on a good salmon fishing venue is usually always going to end up in a scenario like this. Book a guided salmon fishing day on one of Scotland's best salmon rivers and treat yourself to a quality introduction to this amazing pursuit. The next 7 weeks are the most productive from a Scottish salmon fishing point of view.

Salmon Fishing For Ladies

17 Aug 2017

Book A Salmon Fishing Guide

Don't take a chance on your first few initial exposures to the fascinating world of Scottish salmon fishing. Book a professional guide to teach you exactly how to approach a salmon pool and don't allow yourself the illusionary thought that salmon fishing is only about being able to cast a fly. Here's a shot of a returning 'guided' client with his 4th salmon from our services. Follow this link to book a salmon fishing guide to increase your chances of catching salmon.

Guided Salmon Fishing Client

16 Aug 2017

Salmon Fishing Accommodation

If you're planning a salmon fishing trip to any of Scotland's big 3 salmon rivers it's always useful to know where the better accommodation options are to be found. Follow this link for more information on salmon fishing accommodation to take the guesswork out of where to stay while fishing Scotland's most famous salmon rivers. Choosing the right accommodation is just as important as having the best guide and a good salmon river fishing location.

Self Catered Accommodation

15 Aug 2017

Scottish Salmon Fishing

There's so many different aspects involved in this wonderful Scottish pursuit I could write a huge book on it. If you're looking for a quality introduction to this sport or just general good advice then make extra sure you're speaking to people who've spent their lives on the Scottish rivers and not just agents who have next to no practical experience other than theorising about salmon fishing. Follow this link for more information on Scottish salmon fishing.

Guided Fly Fishing Salmon In Scotland

14 Aug 2017

Fishing Gifts For Men

If you're looking for the perfect gift for Christmas for someone special there's nothing that compares to a day out on a salmon river in pursuit of one of these perfect Spring salmon. All of our fully guided Scottish salmon fishing gift vouchers include the supply of all the required fishing equipment, professional guide & tuition. Follow this link to buy fishing gifts for men. This fine salmon was the outcome of one of our guided salmon fishing experience gift vouchers.

Fishing Gifts For Men

13 Aug 2017

Salmon Fishing Near Dunkeld

The Perthshire town of Dunkeld is a popular Scottish tourist town and is positioned on the banks of the River Tay which is Scotland's biggest salmon fishing venue. Having lived in Dunkeld & Birnam for many years I can profess to the beauty of the area and it's unique mid river valley location positioning which is also a favourite for many visiting River Tay salmon fishers. Some of the better middle Tay salmon fishing venues are also located around the Dunkeld area.

Salmon Fishing Near Dunkeld

12 Aug 2017

Heavyweight Summer Salmon

Here's a perfect heavyweight Summer salmon which was caught on the River Tay yesterday by this fortunate salmon fisher. This powerful fish stripped the entire fly line from the salmon reel twice before eventually being brought under control after a strong 20 minute battle on the fly rod. This beautiful sea liced fresh run Summer salmon weighed in at 23lbs and was quickly returned to the river to continue it's upstream journey to the spawning grounds. 

Perfect Summer Tay Salmon

11 Aug 2017

Catching A Perfect Scottish Salmon

Here's a lovely shot of a perfect River Tay salmon in the landing net moments before its release back to the river. Please take note of the fine meshed flat based netting which is extra kind to the salmon and will not tear fins due to the extra support the fine mesh offers. It's important that salmon are handled properly with 'Catch & Release' in mind and make sure your landing net is fitted with a fine meshed flat based net bag to protect your salmon from injury.

Perfect Salmon In Scotland

10 Aug 2017

Spring Salmon Fishing In Scotland

Here's a shot of the River Tummel in Perthshire which is one of Scotland's most productive Spring salmon fisheries. The Tummel is one of the mighty Tay's many tributary rivers and joins with the River Garry near Blair Atholl. The Garry was a once famous spawning headwater for colossal River Tay salmon which often reached 50lbs in weight. Occasionally one or two of this calibre will still be seen in the Tummel pools or in the fish ladder at Pitlochry.

Spring Fishing River Tummel