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Here's a very special little creation I concocted on the River Tay 20 years ago. This deadly fly pattern is known as the 'Jock's Shrimp' and is one of the most reliable salmon fly patterns I've ever fished with especially from late August to mid October when fished deep in amongst resident salmon.
Here's my 3 most favourite salmon fly patterns; The Silver Stoat, The Jock's Shrimp and the Copperass. Throughout the long Scottish salmon fishing season I seldom stray away from these exact 3 patterns although tied on different hook and tube fly sizes for the various salmon fishing seasons.
These 3 salmon flies landed 4 fish in 1 day in July on the River Tay.  The Sunray Shadow, The Jock's Shrimp and the Tay Raider.  The first salmon took the black Sunray Shadow during bright light at 1pm and the other 3 fish took the Jock's Shrimp & Tay Raider during he evening and into dusk. The Tay Raider is the fly with the green pearly body.
Here's my own Jock's Shrimp salmon fly tied in 3 different dressing densities. I'm not keen on the heavily dressed version to the left but the other 2 look about right with the middle fly for regular medium water level fishing and the right hand fly for lower water levels.
This is a truly effective low clear warm Summer water fly that I first observed it's brilliance way back in 1976 while landing a salmon for a guest at the Cottar Pool on the Newtyle Beat near Dunkeld on the River Tay.
The Jock's Shrimp salmon fly is a self designed salmon fly pattern that was originally created to target late Summer & Autumn salmon on the River Tay while working as a Head Ghillie. This pattern is totally reliable as a salmon attractor and not only during the above initially intended fishing times.
Here's a rare glimpse into Jock Monteith's personal Wheatley aluminium salmon fly box showing a few of his own salmon fly preferences such as The Sliver Stoat, The Copperass, The Tay Raider, The Park Shrimp & The Jock's Shrimp which are his top 5 productive salmon flies of all time.
I tied this batch of Monteith 'Copperass' flies for a fishing guest after I demonstrated their effectiveness on the River Tay. I tied these beauties with all due care and attention and was so impressed with what I created I just had to take a quick shot.
The Jock's Shrimp Salmon Fly

How To Select A Salmon Fly

There's a vast array of information on the fascinating topic of salmon fly selection that can be rather confusing if you delve too deeply into this subject.

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How To Select A Salmon Fly

How to Select a salmon fly

There's a vast array of information on the fascinating topic of salmon fly selection that can be rather confusing if you delve too deeply into this subject. The most important aspect of this topic is knowing roughly the correct sizes and colours to use through the different months of the salmon fishing season. Once you've mastered the basics then the most important factor regarding salmon fly selection becomes faith!

What Salmon Fly Sizes Should I Carry

If you're carrying a few patterns that you've got faith in that cover high cold Spring water (1 1/2 inch aluminium body tubes) for high Spring water column swim targetting, smaller tubes or size 9's & 11's for late Spring & Summer work and some bigger tubes again (copper body tubes) for deep swim water column targetting for late Autumn tactics you're covering all salmon fly size bases.

What Colours Of Salmon Fly Work Best

On a personal basis I've always done well with salmon flies that include yellow, orange & black in the Spring and introducing some red into the above fly colours from mid Summer onwards. I'm a big fan too of a copper bodied salmon fly and 2 strands of holographic tinsel tied into the wing but no more than that. A small black winged fly like the 'Silver Stoat' has always done well for me in low warm bright light Summer water conditions and ocassionally a long black winged Sunray Shadow too if a fast stripped fly is required to stir them up!


There's no need to carry a suitcase of salmon flies around with you and a carefully selected box of no more than a dozen or so flies in different sizes is more than adequate. There are salmon fly pattern books that literally have thousands of patterns in them which tells you a salmon in the right frame of mind will have a go at any colour combination but I'm convinced certain colour patterns on certain rivers work far better than the majority of other fly patterns. For a quaility introduction to the famous salmon rivers of Scotland book a personal salmon guide to teach you the basics of salmon fly selection & all other important salmon fishing skills. 


You cannot beat good old personal faith when it comes to salmon fly selection. If you've no real faith in the salmon fly you're using it will ultimately effect your fishing effort. Faith is derived only from multiple salmon captures so there is no short cut but once you've achieved that and personally witnessed the 'consistency' of a fly's salmon attracting ability then a true life long relationship has indeed begun.


The general rule of thumb for salmon fly size selection is to fish a larger fly in cold water and a smaller fly in warmer water however I've seen this work with the opposte approach taken. With colour selection anything with orange, yellow, red or black in the wing & hackle of the fly has worked well for me over the decades however salmon will readily take other colours too. Book a professional salmon guide in Scotland and understand more about salmon fly selection and all of the other important factors for success in this sport. 

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