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The Advantages Of Hiring A Personal Guide

If you are new to this amazing sport or wish to maximise your chances of success during your Scottish salmon fishing trip then it is very advisable to book a professional salmon fishing guide. Our salmon fishing guide service provides everything that is required including the salmon fishing permits to well managed river fishing venues, all the necessary salmon fishing tactical tuition, astute salmon pool knowledge & all the appropriate salmon fishing equipment including effective salmon fly patterns.

"Over the decades that I've been professionally involved in this fantastic pursuit i've witnessed how crucial it is that effective Scottish salmon fishing tactics are fully understood along and the fishing effort being focussed on the correct river areas via a professional guide's salmon river knowledge & intuition". J Monteith

Jock Monteith is a conscientious professional salmon fishing coordinator who specialises in creating optimised salmon fishing itineraries based on decades of 'full time' Scottish salmon fishing experience. Here are some of Jock's unique salmon fishing credentials.

The Difference Between A Personal Guide And Resident Beat Ghillie;

Your Own Personal Salmon Fishing Guide

A professional 'time served' salmon fishing guide will be personally dedicated to you and your party. Your salmon fishing guide will provide salmon fishing tactical tuition, effective advice on how to fish each salmon pool and all the salmon fishing equipment between the fishing hours of 9.30am & 5pm each day. For more information on our guided salmon fishing packages visit the Guided Salmon Fishing page of this website.

A Resident Salmon Beat Ghillie

Most Scottish salmon fishing river venues (beats) employ a beat ghillie who will usually be on site to maintain the facilities & riverbanks and to issue a salmon pool rotation to fishing guests. Access to Scottish salmon fishing venues does not include a personal guide for the day, salmon fishing tactical tuition or the supply of all the appropriate salmon fishing equipment.