Guilded Salmon Fishing


Q. Aren't most Scottish salmon fishing beats already staffed with a beat ghillie who will look after the fishing clients ?

A. Please do not confuse a resident beat ghillie with a personal professional guide as the two roles are completely different. A resident beat ghillie is there to maintain the riverbanks, meet & greet clients, give them a brief overview of the salmon pools & maintain the salmon fishing hut facilities. A personal salmon fishing guide will be with you (& your party) throughout the entire salmon fishing day to make sure you are fishing effectively and at all times. A personal salmon fishing guide will also provide valuable salmon fishing tuition from casting techniques to general 'river craft' along with supplying all the correct salmon fishing equipment, and water proof fishing clothing. It is not the role of any resident beat ghillie in Scotland (or included in basic salmon fishing access costs) to provide any of the above additional personal guide services.

Q. Are the salmon fishing guides you provide highly experienced ?

A. Yes, Jock Monteith and all the salmon fishing guides he works with are highly experienced current (or former) 'time served' professional Scottish salmon beat guides (ghillies) each with typically between 10 and 40 years 'full time' experience in salmon fishing and hosting clients.

Q. Why should I place my business with Monteith Salmon Fishing Services ?

A. We have over 15 years of experience in providing a quality guided salmon fishing service and have built up a strong reputation based on our high operating standards.

Q. When do we decide on the exact fishing date(s) ?

A. If you are purchasing a gift voucher for someone for Christmas (or for another special occasion) then all the recipient needs to do is make contact with ourselves after he/she receives it (a contact phone number & email address is printed on all gift vouchers). At that point we can agree a mutually suitable fishing date(s) directly with the gift voucher recipient.

If you are purchasing a fishing packages for yourself or for someone as a non gift voucher surprise then we can provide and agree on a suitable date(s) prior to booking.

Q. Can I (or the gift voucher recipient) upgrade the salmon fishing gift voucher to a higher value package after being purchased ?

A. Yes, in most cases this can easily be done by yourself or the gift voucher recipient.

Q. What are my chances of catching a salmon?

A. As we are pursuing a totally wild creature there is always a chance that salmon will not take a fly from time to time. This is what makes them so special when they are caught. Under the guidance of a seasoned professional guide on a productive salmon beat you dramatically increase your chances of success.

Q Can a salmon fishing gift voucher be purchased for a minor ?

A Yes, but on the condition that the minor is closely accompanied by you or a responsible adult/guardian (appointed by you) at all times throughout the salmon fishing day. The accompanying person will not have to pay a fee to be present.

Q. Where do we meet our salmon fishing guide ?

A. In most cases the meeting place will be the designated salmon fishing venue fishing hut between 8.30am & 9am. Clear written traveling directions will be given at time of booking or gift voucher redemption. Where possible postcodes will be issued for satellite navigational equipment.

Q. Do I need to contact my personal salmon fishing guide prior to the meeting date ?

A. Contact should be made to Jock Monteith via email at at least 48 hrs before the previously agreed fishing date(s) to confirm participation.

Q. Can I bring my own fishing equipment ?

A. Yes, you can bring your own equipment however a declaration will need to be signed by you stating that your fishing equipment has been cleaned in compliance with the Gyrodactilis Salaris parasite control regulations if you have recently used your fishing equipment abroad. A balanced fly fishing outfit (rod & line) is crucial for effective teaching by our professional guides. Balanced equipment will be on standby in case required.

Q. Where do I find accommodation while I am in Scotland ?

A. We can make recommendations for various hotels and B&B's that will be located close to the salmon fishing venues.

Q. Can we keep any salmon we catch ?

A. Most Scottish salmon rivers have a 'Catch & Release' policy which must be adhered to as a condition of fishing the river. Therefore it may not be possible to retain a salmon and this is strictly dependent on each individual salmon river's rules. These rules are to protect future Scottish salmon stocks which are essential to the economic survival of many Scottish communities and our salmon fishing heritage.

Q. Can I bring a friend to the fishing venue to watch me fishing? 

A. Most salmon fishing venues we work with permit this. At voucher redemption inform us that you are bringing a non fishing friend or colleague so that we can make sure the fishing venue we take you to will permit this. All individual salmon fishing venues we work with have their own rules. There is no charge for a non fishing friend to accompany you.

Q. Will life jackets be provided ?

A. Life jackets will be provided to all clients as part of their fishing equipment and will be required to be worn in all cases and at all times while on the river without exception.

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me ?

A. All salmon fishing equipment including waders will be provided. The only thing you will be required to bring is warm clothing, thick socks, waterproof jacket, packed lunch & sunglasses.

Q. Is the salmon fishing equipment you provide of reasonable quality ?

A. Yes, all our equipment is of the highest quality and only tried and tested professional ghillie/guide salmon fly patterns are provided to our clients.

Q. Can I bring my dog to the salmon fishing venue ?

A. Most salmon fishing venues are not keen on this however if the dog can be kept under strict control and the chosen venue agrees in advance then this is possible.

Q. Do all the salmon fishing venues have a comfortable fishing hut ?

A. Yes, all the salmon fishing venues we host clients at will have a well appointed & heated fishing hut.

Q. Will there be toilet facilities at the fishing venue ?

A. Yes, all the salmon fishing venues we host clients at have toilet facilities.

Q. Should I tip my personal salmon fishing guide ?

A. Tips are solely at your discretion and if you feel your personal guide has given you an enjoyable and informative day then by all means do so. The standard tip value is £20 per head per day.

Q. If I want to go and buy my own fishing equipment before or after my salmon fishing experience can you offer advice on what to buy and where ?

A. Yes, the salmon fishing tackle industry is a highly complicated market and we are delighted to inform clients who wish to purchase their own rod, reel & line of combinations that balance correctly to assist with casting performance and enjoyment of fishing.